Those of you looking to find a Super TH, or a rare wheel vari…maybe Walgreens?

The ultimate Catch 22 of doing this blog is that if you want to let out a secret, the second you do it is no longer a secret.

Oh well.

For those of you frustrated with pallet-raiders, door-warmers, and the obsessive overnight Super hunters, we have always said try every store other than Walmart and Target.  Those trained in the art of hunting have their methods, but it is mostly about persistence and a little insanity.  The same stores, every day, at the same time.

That obviously means by the time you wander into your Walmart on your lunch break, that Super TH you were after exited the store several hours earlier.  But as persistent as Johnny no-job or Ned no-life can be, they can’t hit everything.

So you have to look elsewhere.  And right now, try Walgreens.

The drug chain has been stocking up for the holidays, and that means toys galore.  And toys galore means a slew of Hot Wheels.  Walgreens has been getting stand-alone shippers, full of an assortment of batches, and you might get lucky and find some things you haven’t found before.

I did just that today at one Walgreens (as a pharmaceutical rep, visiting a pharmacy is something I do a lot), and walked away with something I did not expect to find:

That is a previously unknown (at least to us) wheel variation on the Toyota Supra.  Here is a comparison:

A Hunt is a Hunt, a Super a Super, but a wheel vari on a casting we collect is something entirely different.  It is much cooler.  So while it was obvious anything Hunt-related had already been pilfered from the shippers, we were very happy that the previous guy left the true gem.  Hopefully there are more of these out there for some of you to snag.

But if finding a Super is on your bucket list, these shippers may be the way to go.  A few different Supers have been reported, but the gold nugget is the wildly popular ’55 Gasser from earlier this year:

That is one of the Supers we haven’t found in our experiment, so maybe another random visit to Walgreens will prove fruitful.  Although we highly doubt it because we just told the world to go to Walgreens.  Once again, oh well…

We would love to know what you find.  Take a pic and tag it #lamleyfinds on Instagram, or post it on the Lamley Facebook Page.  We hope you find what you are looking for…

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  1. Stopped at a few Walgreens on the way home from work and 1 out of the 3 had the new case assortment. Grabbed a non wheel variant Supra, The Homer, 64 Lincoln Continental and blue gasser. Didnt come up with anything special but still hadnt seen these at any local TRU, Walmart, TRU or Big Lots.

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