Just Released at Japan Booster: Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan Cedrics from Seibu Keisatsu & 1984 Toyota Mark II HT Grande…

New TLV is always a happy thing.

Japan Booster let us know late last week that three new items from Tomica Limited Vintage just arrived, and they are now available at the Japan Booster store.

It starts with a new casting, TLV-Neo 1984 Toyota Mark II HT Grande, in two colors:

On first glance it may appear to US collectors another obscure Japanese cars, unless we told you it is a Cressida.  And it is.  We love these cars from the 80’s, and kudos to TLV for pumping them out.

And as great as those are (at least to us), we even more thrilled with the latest set from the Seibu Keisatsu series, Volume 15 with two Nissan Cedrics:

Like with the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Series, we are less concerned with the TV series these cars come from, instead just happy with the cars themselves.  This set is an unmarked cop car on custom wheels (awesome) with a bound-to-be-destroyed civilian car.  Both are fantastic.

We have ordered all three.  You should think about it too.

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