Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch E & Pop Culture Batch W are now out at Wheel Collectors…

A few of these should interest you…

In the last few days, Wheel Collectors has gotten two new batches of Premium Hot Wheels.  We have said it many times, but if that premium series contains the words “Pop” and “Culture”, interest instantly wanes.

But if the words “Retro” and “Entertainment” are involved, we are in.  While we miss Boulevard (what collector doesn’t?), Retro Entertainment has introduced several fantastic new castings, movie themed or not.

And we have a couple great ones here, with the new Bronco and Lotus Esprit.  Of course we are not too keen on the Lotus as a submarine, but Hot Wheels indulged us with the standard version in the mainline.

Even Pop Culture has a gem.  The VW Bus has been a very popular casting since day one, the problem is we have never seen a version without a character or logo gracing it.  So if it has to be that way, we are cool with Kermit.

You can see all the models here:

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch E

Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch W

What do you guys think?

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