Cool is Cool is Cool: The joyous VW Kool Kombi…

Before we start, since our friends at Mattel do take a gander or two at Lamley, but probably don’t have time to read all my long-windedness, let’s get this out there right off the bat:

Mattel, will you secure the Tillamook license already?!?!?!

Make it a mainline, an RLC, a Pop Culture, whatever.  There has never been a model better suited for a specific license, and this NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!

Okay, moving on.  Mattel, you can go back to your stuff, and those that want to read on can.

How can you not love the Kool Kombi?

When Hot Wheels goes tooned, it is usually away from what collectors like, but this one is an exceptional exception.  It hits every note just right, from the cute scale to the drag scale to the surfboards.  We used the word “joyous” in the title of this post, and we mean it.  This is one happy little model.

The relationship between Hot Wheels and Volkswagen has been a long and prosperous one.  Sure, Hot Wheels has done plenty of realistic VW’s, but the legacy of this partnership is all the fun VW lets Hot Wheels have with their cars.  Among many, there are tooned Beetles and modified Brasilias, racing Ghias, and of course, the icon of all Hot Wheels icons, the Drag Bus.

But to us, the Kool Kombi takes the cake.  It has the most personality, it speaks to several cultures, and can take you to the California Surf, or even better, the beaches of Brazil.  Even using the term “Kombi” adds to the personality.  It is much a Brazilian model as it is German.

You tell me Hot Wheels is doing a tooned VW Bus, I tell you there is another model I am leaving on the pegs.  But there is no ignoring the lure of the Kool Kombi, and it is, as we said, a tremendous exception to what it typically in the Lamley collection.

There have been some great Kombi’s already, most notable the First Edition and Toy Fair model, which clearly scream Brazil.  Some like the RLC M&M’s version, but the brand new 2015 version, most notably the Super Treasure Hunt, is at the top with the Toy Fair model.  The Kombi as a Woodie is a treat.

So here is our showcase of the Cooler than Cool Kool Kombi.  This has been, and will continue to be, a fantastic model to collect:

Hot Wheels Kool Kombi:

2015 Mainline and Super TH:

Interesting that this is back on the Super card:

With the 2013 Toy Fair Model

All versions so far:

2013 RLC Exclusive

The premiums:

4 Replies to “Cool is Cool is Cool: The joyous VW Kool Kombi…”

  1. My only complaint, and it's a rather small one, is that the 2015 Mainline Kombi is the first one without headlight tampos and a colored nose badge. They should not have made that change in my opinion.

  2. I am sorry, but i find it impossible to raise any kind of interest in this, Personally i think it is the most hideous thing, along with that manga thing, that Hot Wheels make.

  3. There are many models way more worse than this. This atleast is a real vehicle. I wasn't a big fan at first and I think that it coulda been the same height as the Drag Bus so it fit the svale better. There are too many others I rather see disappear.

  4. I'm a big fan of Kool Kombi. Totally agree with the Tillamook license comment & also with AHWCollector on the tampos.

    Super Treasure version of Kool Kombi's one of my favorite $TH's, if not the favorite.

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