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As is the Custom: Our faves of the last month, Part 1…

It is back, and with a vengeance.  As is the Custom is bursting with fantastic works, so we are going to break it up into several parts over the next couple of days, so keep checking back.

We may have taken the month off from showing them, but you guys didn’t take any time off from making them.  Thanks for being patient, and continuing to submit your work.

Also, because of the sheer volume, and because we want all these customs to be seen, we will add page breaks on each post so all parts can stay on the Lamley front page.  So no, these are not one-photo posts.

Follow the “Read More” and enjoy:

@Rasyid_Idrus – Instgram


@satwikanarendra – Instagram

@LH_ART_ – Instagram

Leo’s Trash Cars

@trevlor – Instagram

@lil305garage – Instagram

@mysoulgone – Instagram

@eastmoe – Instagram

@smallcarspecialties – Instagram

Andy Truong

@gorditoshotwheels – Instagram

@southsidesleepers – Instagram

@hotwheels_god – Instagram

@mrsenctvt – Instagram

@gil7198 – Instagram

Milky Nitol
@Hwc_covaz430 – Instagram

Cancholas Customs
Lukis Kalsium

Amm Minimonster

@bobbysanders22 – Instagram

@steviesmith1312 – Instagram

@penoyboy12 – Instagram

Mike & Eva Alberto
John Nilsson

@kulitgosong – Instagram


@adobongmanok – Instagram


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  1. Thanks for the inclusion, there are so many perfectionists that get posted I'm Truly honored to be amongst them. I only wish my stuff was as good. The Galaxie limo one of my favs ever posted. There all great but that thing is just something you don't see often.

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