Just Unveiled: Matchbox BMW M1 Leipzig Toy Show Convention Model (and how you can get one)…

Even with varying opinions on Matchbox these days, it seems that most agree that Matchbox nails its convention models.  And they do.  Certain limitations deco-wise are lifted, and the design team has its fun.

Well its time to add another model to the list of must-have Matchbox event models.  Today, at the Toy Fair in Leipzig, Germany, the Code 1* BMW M1 Event Model was unveiled and made available to attendees.

(*Code 1 – Matchbox-speak for produced by the manufacturer, in this case Mattel.)

We had a good feeling we would see the M1 (It is no longer the 1M, at BMW’s request.) as the Leipzig exclusive.  It is a German event, obviously, and no better place to celebrate an iconic German automaker.  But it is that deco that really grabs our attention.

The M1 pays homage to a classic BMW, the 3.0 CSL in classic racing livery:

Matchbox did up the M1 in this livery at the request of Dirk S, who runs the Matchbox portion of the event.  As a kid, Dirk had a poster featuring the race car above on his wall, and wanted to pay tribute with this year’s convention model.  The model features a similar stripe pattern, as well as the front and rear detailing that is similar.  The 13 marks the 13th year of the event.

This is the second time this year that Matchbox has put a vintage livery on a current car, the first being the Matchbox Gathering Toyota Tacoma Dinner Model featuring a Toyota racing stripe and deco that matched the 1981 SR5 Pickup Special Edition.  You can imagine we are very happy with both.

This model is extremely limited, and most are going to event attendees this weekend.  But we are sure there are few collectors out there who would like to add one to the collection.

And we have good news.  Dirk was nice enough to make a limited number available exclusively to Lamley readers.  We have them here, and will sell them to those interested on a first come, first serve basis.  All you need to do is email us and let us know you want one, and we will work with you.

There are 10 available for $35 each plus shipping at cost, and we will ship worldwide.  If you are interested, just email us at lamleygroup@gmail.com.  Let us know quickly, as these should go quickly…

UPDATE: The 10 we had sold out, but they are still available here:

Matchbox Leipzig BMW M1 at Moyshop eBay store

Matchbox BMW M1 (2014 Leipzig Toy Fair Exclusive):

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