Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Datsun 510 Wagon with OH5 wheels…

Well if searching for the Datsun Wagon Super TH wasn’t enough, there is now a legit wheel variation to look for…

We all know about the smooth and mesh variation on the grill of the Wagon, and from what we have seen so far, while there are more mesh than smooth, both variations are fairly common.

Knowing that, we turn our attention to this just-discovered wheel variation.  While I was returning home to Utah from JCCS on Tuesday, I got a text from a fellow Utah collector Omar (@villagomezomar on Instagram) saying that a friend of his found a Datsun 510 Wagon with OH5.  He sent over a pic, and sure enough, OH5 wheels.

That of course instantly became a must-have for me, and today I was able to meet Omar’s friend Ace (@1colectr236 on Instagram) to see it in person.  Sure enough:

Now let’s give Utah collectors some props.  Ace gave me the Wagon.  Pretty cool, eh?  I didn’t ask for it, although I did inquire about a trade, he just gave it to me, so I could post it on the blog.  (Incidently, the Kombi Super below it was given to me by another collector who found it as we were both going through a bin.  But that story is for another post.  Just understand that Utah collectors are cool dudes.)  Thankfully I had a few things to give to Ace that made him happy, so we both left with cool new additions to our collection.

So, now the question becomes how hard will this OH5 variation be to find?  We have seen one other reported found in Colorado.  In both cases, the OH5 Wagon was found among several MC5, so it is clearly not a running change in the factory.  My guess is the OH5 wheels filled in for a few passes while more MC5 wheels were brought over from another side of the factory.

Nonetheless, we don’t know yet.  Two reported so far, and surely more will be found, and we will try and see how many.  In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for this one.  It is very easy to miss…

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