Model of the Day: Hot Wheels/Toys R Us Mail-in ’88 Jeep Wagoneer…

We may have 20 models to add to the Lamley “Trick or Treat” pile later this month, but at least we now have the mail-in Jeep Wagoneer…

We like these mail-in promotions that Hot Wheels does with retailers.  Kmart gets three, Walmart one, and Toys R Us one.  And the set of 5 all share the same theme and similar deco.  It makes for a pretty cool set.  As soon as the Kmart mail-in arrives, in fact, we will do a post on all of them.

But of the promotions, the TRU set-up needs the most improvement.  The Kmart mail-ins coincide with the Kmart Collectors Day event.  Buy 20 models and send in the receipt and card-backs.  That is easy, especially considering the Kday cases are full of exclusives or just-to-market cars.  Finding 20 to buy is easy.

The Walmart mail-in is even easier.  Photograph a Walmart receipt, upload the photo to special promotion website, and points are added.  Once enough points are accrued, you can order the special model and it is shipped without charging you shipping.

The TRU promotion?  Bleh.  There are exclusives in the TRU batches, but there are not that many, and are many times gobbled up by the first person who finds them.  Plus, this year at most TRUs the shippers containing the special TRU colors were put on the floor several days before the promotion started, meaning you could not use a receipt for the 20 models if the purchase was made before the promotion began.  I actually found the exclusives at my local TRU, but left them because the promotion had not started yet, and I could only use receipts from the specified dates.  When I returned after the promotion had started, all the models were gone.

I waited to see if ebay prices on the mail-in would settle, but they stayed high.  So a few days before the promotion ended, I returned to my local TRU, and bought 20 models I cared nothing for, returned home and opened them all, and sent in the cardbacks.  Those 20 models will now be given away along with a slew of other extras on Halloween.

As annoying as the promotion was, at least it paid off in the form of this fantastic Wagoneer.  I have said before that Jeeps rarely interest me.  Actually, no Jeeps interest me, except for the Wagoneer.  I have always had a soft spot for the wood-paneled Wagoneers, and I absolutely love the Hot Wheels version.

Nothing will beat the Boulevard version in black with wood paneling, but the mail-in is a worth runner-up.  It looks good in this year’s exclusive deco, and it is thankfully fully detailed.

We assume those that wanted these already have theirs.  Those who don’t, ebay is the best option now, as the promotion has ended…

Hot Wheels ’88 Jeep Wagoneer (2014 TRU Mail-In):

4 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels/Toys R Us Mail-in ’88 Jeep Wagoneer…”

  1. Where are the Ambassadors reports gone, they seem to be hit and miss now, it was great when they were weekly, it was always something to look forward too, now we dont get it hardly at all……

    As for the Jeep Wagonner, not my cup of tea, the wheels are a tad too big, but the overall look is really good.

  2. How often does Wal-Mart offer new cars for their mail-in promotions? I've got some more points accrued, but I've already gotten the Camaro and School Busted (I don't want the monster trucks). Any idea when I can expect something new? Thanks!

  3. Already got the Wal-mart Camaro – very easy program. Getting ready to mail-in for the Kmart Ford P/U – gotta mail in all those cards and fill in online order form though.

    Have to ask.. when is the next Kmart Days event? Would be Saturday, November 1st?
    I would love to know what the mail-in offering is this time? Would anyone have a clue or will we just have to wait until then?

    I got lucky to find the Boulevard Wagoneer at Tuesday Morning last year and was going to unload it, but it grew on me and will now stay in my collection. Thing is really sweet I must say – that gloss black combined w/the wood panels is pretty cool, and i'm not too much of a Jeep person.

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