First Look: Hot Wheels Kmart Exclusives & First-to-Markets from last weekend’s event…

Well, obviously we are not showing anything new today, but considering a large chunk of our readership lives outside of the US, we thought we would give you some closeups of the Kmart exclusives.
No Kday will top February’s, with the blue Datsun 620 and white E30 BMW, but this one was better than we thought.  I have always been a fan of the Silverado, so I was happy about that, but the other three didn’t grab my attention when they were announced.  But after having them in hand, I’m on board. 
With 3 out of 4 at least.  I have no love for the Lotus Evora.  I really like the car in real life, but I can’t get behind that casting at all.  Of course that has been documented several times here on Lamley, and no matter what the design or color, the Lotus will always be a disappointment.  Thankfully the upcoming Esprit will make up for it a bit.
Of the others, the star of the show is the rose-colored ’71 Dodge Challenger.  GREAT color, and it looks so good sitting on black wheels.  Hotchkis can’t be disappointed to have their logo on this one.
For many of you, this Kday was about finding the Datsun Wagon.  From what we have learned, not many were successful.  There were no Supers at our event, and all the cases were Wagon-less.  Thankfully there will be plenty of regular Wagons in the upcoming Batch Q, set to hit Walmart, with Zamacs, in the next week or two.
We do have two Kmart cases coming, arriving today, and we will do Case Reports on both.  Look for those later today.
In the meantime, you can find all the Kmart cars on ebay
So here they all are.  The four Kmart colors, plus the first-to-markets (soon to be in a store near you as part of 2015 Batch A), plus a couple of shots of the surprisingly cool Regular Treasure Hunt.  That Super no one cares about might show up somewhere too.
Kmart Exclusives

’71 Dodge Challenger

’83 Chevy Silverado

’69 Corvette

Lotus Evora GT4



’86 Monte Carlo SS

Aston Martin 1963 DB5

Cloak & Dagger Regular Treasure Hunt

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  1. I was lucky to find at least a Fat Boy and Cloak -n- Dagger, even a Batmobile.. but no Super. Would have really enjoyed having a red Datsun wagon mainline, but no.
    Question though.. I didn't open the C & D Treasure and wanted to know, is the top removable?

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