Lamley Case Report: Opening two 36-count Kmart Exclusive Cases…

What the Datsun Wagon will make you do…

For the first time in our 10 years of attending Kmart Collector Days, we ordered a Kmart case online. Well, we ordered two.  It seemed that might help show the variety in the assortments, and ordering two qualified for free shipping, meaning the second case only added $20 to the total.

Normally, the event itself was good enough for us, as we haven’t had any trouble finding the models we wanted, outside of the Super TH’s of course.  As I noted in my last Kday post, I found the 2005 Morris Mini Treasure Hunt at the very first Kday I attended, and haven’t had any luck with a Super or it’s pre-Super equivalent since.  That hasn’t bothered me, as getting a Super has never been a priority. But it is always fun to pull one.

But this time was a little different.  While I was lucky enough to get an example of the Datsun Super TH already, I wanted a chance to find one.  Plus I was hoping to create a small stash of the mainline 510 Wagon.  So I increased my chances by ordering two cases, as well as attend the event.

The actual Saturday event, from a Datsun Wagon perspective, was a dud.  There were 20 cases for 18 collectors at our local Kmart (the extra two were raffled off), but no case had a Super or the mainline Wagon.  We were more than happy to grab the exclusives and a few orange Porsches, plus a few more to have enough of the mail-in.  So we had to wait and see what the online cases would yield.

The cases finally arrived today.  Both AQB.

According to what we have read from other collectors who bought cases, the Supers were showing up in small numbers, but the code really didn’t matter.  I guess we will see.  Here are both, opened and pulled from top to bottom, 3-by-3:

Case #1:


Case #2

Needless to say, we are happy with what we pulled.  Both had the Datsun mainline, which we expected after seeing what everyone else got in their online cases, and one had the Super TH.  We feel pretty lucky, considering most that have reported their online finds didn’t get the Super.

Here are both AQB cases laid out in order:

Case #1

Case #2

Both assortments are the same, with the only difference being the Super in one and the 2015 Mustang in the other.  At least they are both different from what we saw at the actual event.

A couple of other observations:

  • The online cases are thicker than in-store Kday cases.  It is nice to see extra padding of the shipped cases.
  • We got both grill variations on the mainline Datsun (smooth and mesh):

So we got lucky this time.  Should we do it again in November?

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