Cool Classics Batch P: The next great vanishing batch?

So what is next for the Cool Classics?

There is no clear answer.  We do know that as a stand-alone series their days are over.  The series has been around for two years and based on the pegs, it hasn’t preformed like Mattel had hoped.  Of course we don’t know the numbers, but it seems that the Cool Classics have followed the same path as the Hot Ones and Flying Customs lines.  All three have been more niche lines for a specific type of collector, not something that would appeal to the passerby at a big box store.

In other words, they have been a bit drab for most.  If we are honest, that has been the case with us.  Sure, we picked up a few, but only because they were castings we collect, as opposed to can’t miss versions that had to be had.  We know many of you liked these lines, but there are just not enough of you.

From what we hear, this is not the end of Cool Classics.  Talk of the new “Heritage Line” in 2015 suggests that Cool Classics will be a part, alternating with a Real Riders batch.  Curiosity is high on this one, as it could have a more universal appeal, with the nostalgic folk grabbing their Cool Classics types, and the more realistic set (those of us who loved the 2013 Boulevard line) getting their Real Riders fix.  Of course, most of us will take a bit of both, which would make Mattel happy.

So with all that coming, the stores need to make some room.  But the way Cool Classics are hanging (in many cases next to Flying Customs that also didn’t sell), there is no room for the Heritage line.  So they will have to find a way, but adding more Cool Classics will not be one of them.

So we wonder if Cool Classics Batch P will follow the same path as so many other final batches of cancelled lines.  Could the highly desired Mustang SVO become the next Boulevard Datsun Wagon, or Flying Customs Kenmeri Skyline, or Hot Ones Subaru BRAT, or Racing Greenwood Corvette?

We don’t know, but there is a chance.  And too bad because this is a decent batch.  Besides the Mustang, there is a Drag Beetle and Ford Galaxie that more than a few people might want.  I guess we wait and see.

If someone does get lucky and find these in stores, let us know.  If you do want them and don’t want to risk it, you can always get them at Wheel Collectors…

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch P

’84 Ford Mustang SVO

Volkswagen Drag Beetle

Astro Funk

1955 Corvette

’65 Ford Galaxie

6 Replies to “Cool Classics Batch P: The next great vanishing batch?”

  1. this batch is plentiful here. but not much is buying the line coz of high price point versus regular HW. but i do really like the mustang and im on the fence about getting it.

  2. This is ashame cuz I love the cool classics and collect them but along with them being priced high it seems a lot of stores let the pegs go empty and then don't reorder them. Can't sell them if the shelves are empty

  3. I love the cool classics Idea (need that Galaxy!!!) but have disliked most of the castings, I think that has been on of the factors, the flying customs was let down by dodgy coloured wheels and poor casting choice.

    The pop culture seems to have the same 10 casting alternating every few releases and I guess people get bored. How cool would it have been to see a haulin' gas in the cool classics, a sunagon, long gone, 55 gasser, even a Pagani Hyura or Ferrari 250 GTO.

    How well will the Heritage line do if it just uses the castings that never seem to be used much outside of the retro series lines, how temped (to buy) will people be when batch A and they most likely have a casting or two that had two colours in the Hot Ones, a release in the flying customs and a release in the cool classics.

    Oh and one last thing, the classics had painted lights and grilles and that would have made a big difference to the cool classics in my opinion.

  4. I really love the Mustang and Galaxy! I mean, really! The Mustang looks especially cool with those awesome wheels. Those wheels need to be on more models (or even better, come to the mainline). They would suit a lot on say a Porsche 944 or a Jag XJ220. I would buy these cars in a heartbeat if I saw them. But I can't because we don't get this line. This is Mattel's problem. They wanted this line to be exclusive, then it will remain exclusive. If they want to make any money out of it then they need to sell these in more areas, make them available in more stores across more countries. Not everyone likes or has the ability to buy online and some might not even be aware that such line exists unless they visit websites or blogs like this. Mattel needs to sort that problem out first before worrying about things like “this store isn't selling well” or “people in this area don't like these models”. There are other areas where people might like these models and buy them, if only they were sold there first. And this applies to a lot of models of other line ups as well. Limiting them to American Walmarts isn't going to make much money for them because not everyone lives in America or next to a Walmart. Anyway, I still dig that SVO!

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