Just Unveiled: 2015 Hot Wheels Lamborghini Urus…

Here come the 2015 New Models…

We were having a chat the other day, and it was mentioned that we like this time of the year the best when it comes to Hot Wheels.  It is always fun when we have no idea what is coming from Hot Wheels, so everything is a surprise.  Once we have the list of mainline models, a lot of the surprise is gone.  But not now, the surprises will keep on coming.

And here is a surprise, right out of left field.

The second 2015 New Model we can confirm (after the Lotus Esprit) is the Lamborghini Urus, their soon-to-be-in-production SUV.  This is not a model we expected, but it makes sense.  The Urus will be Lamborghini’s second SUV, after the LM002, which is hitting the Matchbox lineup in 2015 as well.

So, if Lamborghini SUV’s are your thing, then 2015 is going to be a stellar year.  The Urus may not be as exciting as the LM002, but it is undoubtedly a very nice casting.  It looks to be very well done.

And with the Urus joining the Estoque, Veneno, Sesto Elemento, Aventador, Gallardo, Superleggera, and on and on, could it be the Lamborghini is getting the Ferrari treatment from Hot Wheels now?  It seems everything coming from Lamborghini is finding its way to the pegs.  Could be Lamborghini 5-pack be next?  We shall see…

9 Replies to “Just Unveiled: 2015 Hot Wheels Lamborghini Urus…”

  1. Where to begin, I will have this model, there is no doubt about it, however, it really is not the prettiest Lambo that has ever been designed, this model is actually better looking than the real thing which is very ungainly, I do not like the colour though, they have used this colour on a lot of models and it is not nice, it makes all the details look lost, the paint is just too heavy, it would look better in black, or a few of the traditional Lambo colours.

  2. Holy hot dogs, Batman! I was ignorant to the possibility that the Urus might ever even be up for casting consideration by “Big Blue”, so this preview comes as a whopper of a happy surprise. 2nd only to the Estoque, the Urus is at the top of my favorite Lambo- concept cars list. Suffice it to say, I'll curate every example I can find in multiples, even the off-kilter recolors & decos, for which Hot Wheels is infamous. Had this been a Matchbox licensed-affair, I'd be exponentially more excited, though truly, I'm ecstatic to see it on the 2015 USA hw pegs.

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