Yet another Parcel Report: Opening the latest Tomica Limited Vintage from Japan Booster…

We will spare you the “man we love Tomica Limited Vintage” diatribes on this one.  We are pretty sure we have made that point very clear.

Instead we will show the contents of the package we just got from Japan Booster yesterday.  We have really been looking forward to this one, not only because it contains two new 510 Bluebirds, but because the most detailed TLV of all was included.

So as I like to do occasionally, I whipped out the iPhone and photographed the models as I unwrapped them.  All will soon have their moment in the Lamley Studio, so look for posts dedicated to each model in the future.

But for now, they are all available at the Japan Booster eBay store.  Grab those that interest you, and remember, FREE SHIPPING on all TLV orders over $50.  You can follow the link below:

Japan Booster Tomica Limited Vintage Store

Here we go:

As always, no one packs models better than Japan Booster:

LV-N36a 1/64 HINO KB324 Chemical Fire Engine(Tahara Dept)


LV-09b 1/64 HINO CONTESSA 1300

LV-N94a 1/64 NISSAN GLORIA 2000 SGL 1975

LV-N79c 1/64 DATSUN BLUEBIRD 1400 DX (Alsok)
LV-N94a 1/64 NISSAN GLORIA 2000 SGL 1975


LV-18a 1/64 Toyopet Crown Van Road Patrol Car

LV-144a 1/64 DATSUN BLUEBIRD 1300 STANDARD (Nissan Sales Engineering)

LV-132a 1/64 MITSUBISHI COLT GALANT Miyagi Police Dep.

The new Datsun 510’s:

The new Nissan Glorias:

And now, the doozy:

LV-N24b 1/64 HINO TC343 Ladder Fire Engine(Oyama Dept.)

This thing is as detailed a 1:64 as we have ever seen.  Just check out the ladder.

The whole stash:

Of course with all the TLV coming in, the Lamley display had to be updated.  I have now expanded the TLV models into a second display.  More pics coming once it is finished.

Lots more to come.  Any model you want to see featured on the blog first?

5 Replies to “Yet another Parcel Report: Opening the latest Tomica Limited Vintage from Japan Booster…”

  1. I am enjoying these pictures more than anything that is written about the Mattel stable –

    You must had some wedge to spend on stuff like this! I like the displays as well – very smart.

    Now I am tempted to get back into TLV-Neo's………mattel is but a graveyard.

  2. Just was I was thinking, TLV are pricy but you tend to forget that when you see them in the metal. I have a few, and each one has been worth it. Sometimes waiting a few years helps reduce the price, but I made that mistake by waiting for the 510 wagon…..
    As for Mattel, the JDM selection is enough to keep me happy, wondering into Tesco's to see Civics, KPGC10's, Mad Manga and TA22's? Hardly a graveyard!

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