Just Unveiled: The final Hot Wheels batch of 2014, along with new 2015 models…

We don’t know how this seller in Texas gets cases to far in advance, but it does give us a glimpse of what is coming, and we definitely like what we see…

Yesterday, ebay seller jenni_collectibles listed Hot Wheels 2014 Q Case models, including the final three Zamacs, and surprisingly, the first 2015 models we have seen.  You can see the listings here:

Hot Wheels 2014 Q Case

There is obviously a lot to see, and many already sold (the Datsun 510 Wagon Super sold in seconds), but we were able to grab a few images of what to expect.  We have no idea if all these models, especially the 2015’s, will be in all the Q cases, but we know they will come out eventually.  Here are the models that piqued our interest (outside of the Datsun Wagon, which we have seen enough):

2015 Ford Mustang GT –  A model we knew was in the case, and one that many are looking forward to snagging.

Mazda RX-7 – Recolor of the red issued earlier this year.

Porsche 934 Turbo RSR – The model we have most been looking forward to in 2014 is finally out.  We will do a First Look on Ryu Asada’s creation soon, but the most interesting thing to us is that the back of the card lists it as a 2015 model.  But the poster Hot Wheels has released has it as a 2014 model.  A recolor is coming (more on that later this week), and we will try and find out what year this model belongs to.  Actually who cares?  We are just happy it is out.

Aston Martin 1963 DB5 – James Bond’s car is back for 2015.  This is not a recolor of the 2014 model, as revealed on the back of the card.  It also tells us that the Then & Now series is back for 2015, which is most welcome.  We look forward to seeing what models are paired up in 2015.  As for this Aston’s partner, we are guessing the DBS.

Datsun 620 – This was a happy little surprise.  We unveiled this one last week, and now we have the first image on card.  We have to say, it looks fantastic in its era-appropriate duds.  Already a 2015 fave.

Lots of good stuff, eh?  There is a lot more, and I am sure all that will be showcased soon.  For now, we happy to see 2014 end well, and 2015 start off on the right foot.  Should be fun…

3 Replies to “Just Unveiled: The final Hot Wheels batch of 2014, along with new 2015 models…”

  1. Nice Porsche, Mustang looks ok, Aston looks Stunning, yet i have yet to find the silver one, so I wont be holding my breath for getting the red one for some time yet, which is a real shame.

  2. Awesome batch! Just gets me excited about the 2015 line-up as I cannot wait to get my hands on many of these, especially the Aston twins and the Porsche RSR. I'm also excited to know what other models are going to be in the mainline. I also see a yellow Ferrari 599 GTB with a similar paint scheme to the yellow F12 we saw earlier this year and also a black w/ red inetrior '86 Chevy Monte Carlo SS which are more interesting among other models. There are many 2014s as well and they are still there so you might wanna check out. That Ferrari is now hot on my radar, even before its out!

    – Black Wind

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