Just Released: New Tomica Limited Vintage Datsun 510, Nissan Cedric & Gloria…

Over the weekend we got this pic from our friends at Japan Booster, and we wanted to pass it on to you.

Tomica Limited Vintage has just released its August batch, and there are some models many of you will surely be interested in.  Yes, some TLV releases can be so Japan-centric that those who live elsewhere will have no connection to them.  (But that is the case with us at Lamley, and the more we collect TLV, the more we want the most obscure of models.  It might start with the Skyline, but it definitely doesn’t stop there.)  But there are two in this batch that will definitely interest the masses.

While Hot Wheels collectors continue to prepare for the Datsun 510 Frenzy next month, here come two more 510’s from TLV.  There are several 510’s already in the TLV lineup, and they keep adding to the stash.  Joining the collection of civilian 510’s are one in Alsok Security and another in Nissan Service liveries:

Take a look at both and once you get past the obvious differences in deco, check out how different both are.  These are two different 510 models, and TLV adheres to that.  Hubcaps, grill, headlights, they are all different.  We are particularly fond of the livery of the Security 510, but naturally any model in a Japanese police livery is welcome.

And beside the 510’s, three Japanese sedans are being released.  First, the 1975 Nissan Gloria in two colors:

Like we said earlier, these Japanese sedans have really become the bread-and-butter of our TLV collection, and we cannot wait to get our hands on these.  These are new castings, and as usual the detail is there.  But as much as we love these two, our favorite of the entire bunch is this one:

TLV is furthering its series dedicated to the Japanese Police TV series Seibu Keisatsu with this civilian Nissan Cedric.  This is another car that was most likely blown up in the series, and while it would just be standard sedan, the gold lace wheels take it up a level.  While TLV is committed to stock versions of these models, the wheels they are creating for the Seibu models are top notch.  This one is truly a beaut, and we will enjoy featuring it on the blog.

All these models are available at Japan Booster right now, just follow the link below:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

And as always, we suggest getting a few, to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.  The Nissan IDX’s and BMW E30’s are all still available, as are a ton of gems.  Peruse the store and you are bound to find some fantastic models…