Cool is Cool is Cool: Tomica Limited Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser FJ56V…

This post wasn’t planned for today, but after passing an FJ55 on the road today, I just had to do it.

Anytime you see an FJ55 anywhere, it is an event.  Hell, anytime you pass a vintage Land Cruiser, it is an event.  My neighbor uses an FJ40 as his daily driver, and he literally classes up the road every time he passes by.

But an FJ55?  Hardly ever.  Toyota’s first “wagon” cruiser is a rarity on the roads.  But today I got a glimpse.  And in an appropriate location too.  I saw it just outside Helper, Utah, coming out of a canyon.  Helper is a small town on the way from Salt Lake City to Moab, Utah.  The FJ was undoubtedly making its way to Moab, an off-roading mecca.  Plus, it was among other Land Cruisers of various generations, so my assumption is a gathering was forming in Moab.  Too bad I couldn’t just follow them there instead of returning home.

This FJ55 could very well have been part of Greg Miller’s collection that is housed at the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum outside of Salt Lake at the Miller Motorsports Park.  (Yes, Utah might be known for bad liquor laws and Mormons, but between the Bonneville Salt Flats, Miller Park, JDM Legends, and some of the best and most beautiful un-patrolled roads around, it is also a car lover’s paradise.)  There are two FJ55’s there, and both are the exact same color combos as the two stock FJ56V’s made by Tomica Limited Vintage.  The model I saw today was the white/green combo.

So of course, after seeing that, I had to get out the Land Cruisers a take a few photos.  And yes, this model is definitely a worthy Cool is Cool is Cool subject.  We have three here at Lamley.  Both stock versions, plus the special edition in Police Livery.  There are a few others, which you can see at Japan Booster.

Tomica Limited Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser FJ56V…

Because we love TLV scale, the Land Cruiser alongside the Toyota Sports 800: