First Look: Matchbox 1963 Mack B Model Fire Engine…

We are getting ourselves into the Matchbox mood.

In just a few hours I am setting off for Albuquerque, New Mexico, by way of Moab, Utah through Cortez, Colorado and Farmington, New Mexico.  I will arrive at the home of the Matchbox Gathering, the downtown Marriott, sometime in the evening, where I will set my things down and see what the trading rooms have to offer.  At that point it will be all things Matchbox until my drive home Sunday.

While I am there, I plan to document the festivities by way of the blog, the Lamley Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the Lamley Instagram feed.  There will be lots to show, including some studio time with several of the new and exclusive models, so keep checking in.

With that in mind, the timing was just right to find at Target one of the more anticipated Matchbox models for 2014.  The Mack B Fire Engine is the type of model that many associate with Matchbox, and want to see more of.  We will see if that is the case when Mattel presents the 2015 line on Saturday night.

But no matter what the future brings, the Mack is here, and our guess is it is not going anywhere.  Fire Engines are not our forte, so we will not try to write too much about the actual vehicle, and just let the photos do the talking.  Maybe some day in the future we will get someone in here who actually knows a little about these to give his thoughts.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics.  The last few pics are an obvious pairing with the Seagrave Fire Truck, which was released a couple of years ago.  Both classics, and hard to tell apart.  Do you have a preference?

(If you don’t want to wait, find the Mack on ebay…)

Matchbox 1963 Match B Model Fire Engine (2014 New Models):

With the Seagrave:

4 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox 1963 Mack B Model Fire Engine…”

  1. There is hope for Matchbox! This little baby is a beauty! I am not a big fan of these tiny trucks – and similars from the past of the brand -, but I have to admit: this is nice and I love the Seagrave too. I like the precise tampo as well. (Sarcastic grin here.)

  2. 10 out of 10 in my book's. best new emergency model for 2014, in my own opinion. size and scale to the seagrave look appropriate. cant wait to get one myself.

    really hoping matchbox is giving us a new aerial truck for 2015. that 2006 british ladder “Fire Engine” is getting old.

  3. I'm of two minds with this. On one hand I do like it and the subject matter. On the other hand I feel that if the Matchbox brand is to ever regain any relevancy(it won't) they need to stay in touch with the auto industry. This is why Tomica and Majorette will always win.

  4. I like how Matchbox detailed this close to the Seagrave. You know how much I love the Seagrave. One of my favoritte Matchbox castings. Not top 10, but one of my favorite top 20 Matchbox models.

    The Model B is super duper cool like the Seagrave. But just a roof at the cab which looks like hard-top and loose roof. lol… : P

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