Bring on the Skylines: Opening another parcel of Tomica Limited Vintage from Japan Booster…

The obsession continues…

About the time the last package from Japan Booster arrived, carrying the TLV IDx Nismo, we had already ordered another.  While at first glance you might think that Tomica Limited Vintage occupies a very small corner of the diecast world, that is not the case.  We have obviously seen them branch out to several German carmakers, but even within their nostalgic Japanese world, there is a ton of variety.

Earlier this week we featured some of their city buses, other times pure stock street cars that you may or may not be familiar with.  Then there are the police cars, and special promo cars, race cars, and even the amazing ongoing set dedicated to the Japanese television program Seibu Keisatsu.

It seems one say we will be into the racers, another the street cars, and so on.  So after a package containing the amazing IDx, the BMW 3 Series, and some Seibu Keisatsu police cars, we decided to go Skyline.  We got onto the Japan Booster ebay store (one of our readers just mentioned that half the fun of visiting the Japan Booster store is just looking at the models, and we totally agree), and gobbled up a few goodies.

The package arrived yesterday, and we thought we would let you participate in the fun.  All these will be getting the full Lamley treatment in the days ahead.  For now, we can enjoy opening them up…

Before we do, we will once again throw in our endorsement for Japan Booster as the best Tomica Limited Vintage store there is, especially for collectors overseas.  The best selection of both old and new TLV, the best prices, and their FREE SHIPPING policy for items over $50 can’t be beat.  As you are looking at what we pull from this box, keep in mind the shipping was totally free.  They are the best way to start a TLV collection.

Just follow the link to the Japan Booster store or hit their logo on the upper right-hand corner of the blog…


Waiting for my arrival:

Once again, thoroughly packaged:

The goods:

Crazy Ken’s Isuzu Bellet:

The Seibu Keisatsu RS-Machines 1 through 3, all RS2000 Skylines.  Try to see all the differences:

The gems of this package, the “early” and “late” Nissan Skyline Super Silhouettes (the front black/rear wire wheels version is amazing), as well as the Autobac Nissan Bluebird:

Finally, two that have been on my want-list for some time, the Nissan Gloria sedan and bright orange Datsun 510:

Any faves?

4 Replies to “Bring on the Skylines: Opening another parcel of Tomica Limited Vintage from Japan Booster…”

  1. The Bellett, the Bluebird, and the Gloria are winners in my book. (I like the look of stock bodywork best.) The TLV series is incredibly well done. Premium prices, premium cars.

  2. Argh, now I can't wait for my one single car I bought from them to arrive, but the package's still lollygaggin in Curitiba… That's a whole state away!

  3. Some of this stuff looks pretty plain. I like the sporty stuff and race stuff. But, why bother with all the 4-doors? This stuff wasn't imported to US for a reason. Definitely an acquired taste.

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