Mattel finally addresses the RLC backorders, and they are trying to make things right…

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it Mattel?

Mattel finally addressed the backorder issue with its RLC models, admitting to some manufacturing issues that have compromised the quality of the models.  It seems to us that this could have been mentioned a long time ago, and it would have saved Mattel from a lot of the venom that has been directed towards them in the last few months.  But they finally have said something, and hopefully it puts some concerns to rest.

It does for us.  There are not a ton of RLC models we are excited about, but we were beginning to fear that the planned Toyota 2000GT, 4×4 Silverado, and ’55 Gasser would never see the light of day. We now know they will, but just a little later than planned.

We understand that Mattel really owes collectors nothing when it comes to the models they send out to stores.  They create the lines, we decide whether or not to collect them.  But when it comes to the RLC, a group one must pay to join, an explanation for the delay seems a little more vital.  It came, but way too late.  We hope this calms down a lot of nerves, and the rest of the 2014-2015 RLC year will be smooth-running.  It seems the extension of the club membership time was a good idea.

We get that a second hobby for most collectors is to bitch and moan, and that has to get on Mattel’s nerves.  But I would also suggest that collectors are a forgiving bunch, as long as they don’t feel in the dark.  The problem could have been fixed a long time ago with a simple post like the one that just appeared.

Mattel got it right, just way too late…

Your thoughts?

3 Replies to “Mattel finally addresses the RLC backorders, and they are trying to make things right…”

  1. They are still being pretty vague IMO. Adding six month to memberships tells me that they are still atleast six months behind in production. Plus no explanation of what us being done to fix it.

  2. I quit the club because of the way it is run. I also quit the Hot Wheels collecting, sold off everything and went back to models after 12 years into diecasts. Glad I made the change.

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