First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R…

It is so nice seeing this model back in the mainline.  The KGC110 Kenmeri and its Skyline counterpart, the KGC10 Hakosuka, have both made their triumphant return to the basic range after staying away since 2011.

And it is obvious that Hot Wheels sees how popular both models have become.  The Hakosuka returns looking sharp in black, not to mention a zamac version coming soon.  And the Kenmeri in a racing livery that is an obvious homage to the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show edition.

If you are not familiar with that car, it is the GT-R built for the show by Nissan to promote its new racer.  The only problem is the GT-R never hit the track.  Emissions regulations changed, and the racing program was shelved.  So while not an official livery, this Skyline is the only Kenmeri in a Nissan-produced racing deco.  And instead of showing the actual car, we are lucky enough to have a near-perfect 1:64 replica of the car by Kyosho, which also happens to be my favorite model in the collection:

And now that you have seen (the best 1:64 replica of) the real thing, let’s compare it to the Hot Wheels.  Now usually we don’t do this.  It really isn’t fair to Hot Wheels to compare their $1 models to a $30 Kyosho model, but it is ok when we want to show that the $1 Hot Wheels is pretty damn awesome.

Yes, it is not exactly like the real thing, but you know what they are getting at.  We just hope that this isn’t the only Tokyo Motor Show-type model Hot Wheels will do.  Based on the fact that the RLC BRE Datsun has been such a hit, and that the RLC Toyota 2000GT in Shelby livery will most likely follow suit, we are hoping that an RLC Skyline in the exact Tokyo Motor Show livery is in the works.  If there is any concern about whether or not it will sell, trust us Mattel, it will.  And fast.

Nonetheless, those photos above make us here at Lamley a little giddy.  Our favorite model of all time, the Kyosho Skyline, sitting beside our favorite Hot Wheels casting of all time, and both looking rather dapper.

If there is any statement we don’t need to make here at Lamley, it is that we LOVE LOVE LOVE Hot Wheels commitment to JDM.  And models like the Kenmeri in this livery prove how deep that commitment is.  Kudos…

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Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R (2014 Mainline):

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  1. Hot Wheels did this VERY sucessfuly. VERY. Nothing's even wrong with it! It's just a Japanese Nostalgic Car with tiny favor.

    Yep. Even the color of it is teal, which is the incorrect color of the real one and Kyosho's, I think the teal looks very stunning for a change of green. That's neat! Even with the gold MC5's on!

    So it is an awesome sexy car. Thanks for the pop-up John!

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