Just Unveiled: Final Hot Wheels poster of 2014, with some nice news on upcoming models…

This just appeared on the HWC website, the final of 4 posters in 2014:

Yeah it is not very big, but it is clear enough to gather some interesting tidbits for the remainder of 2014.  Starting from the top:

  • In the HW City segment, we can see the artwork for a few models we knew were coming, most notably the Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (Kenmeri), Porsche 934, and 2015 Mustang.  
  • Also in HW City, we can see some recolors that we did not know were coming – the Mazda RX-7 in yellow, Lamborghini Veneno in orange, and what we think is the ’71 Mustang Mach 1 in green.
  • In the HW Race segment, it is all about the two BMW E36 M3’s, one in red, and one in white.
  • In HW Workshop, we see recolors for the Lamborghini Estoque, Corvette Stingray, and Nissan 370Z, plus two COPO Camaros, the Ford Transit from SEMA, BRG Morris Mini and yes, that little Datsun 510 Wagon that one or two of you are excited about.
  • Lastly, the HW Off-Road segment has nothing that we are excited about, but the Skate Punk is back, if that floats your boat.
There still may be more news to come about 2014, including more recolors.  For now, this will do.  
Get out your glasses and have at it…

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  1. Using my bionic eye, it looks like the onyl one i have an interest in is the Porsche 934. And then only because i have a genetic predisposition that requiems me to get all of the 1/64 scale Porsches I can.

    I think it is disheartening that there appears to be no market for good plain production (US, etc) cars in the small scale. They may not keep designer's active or be cool, but there are many that would buy $1 versions of the “collectible” models out there. Sure the line would likely be exotic heavy but I do believe it would do well.


  2. You know what I'm getting else?

    HW City- All the Mustangs (including the new 2015 one), Skyline Kenmeri, new Porsche model, Fiat recolor (hasn't popped out here in Toronto yet), Ducati motorcycle in white, RX-7 recolor, Lambo Veneno recolor, and the Torque Twister recolor.

    HW Off Road- Off Duty recolor, 2009 Ford F-150 recolor, and Jeep Scrambler recolor.

    HW Race- The 2 Beamer racer colors.

    HW Workshop- Lambo Estoque, Datsun wagon (try my best to grab the $TH), blue Corvette, Harley fat boy, new Ford Transit (Most thing I'm excited for), and the GReddy Nissan.

    And… nop. I'm the one who's excited for this than ALL OF YOU GUYS. BWAHAHAHA!!! : P

  3. Leave it up to Mattel to ruin a fantastic casting which they got right on the first shot. Lamborghini Veneno in orange? WTF??? They could have just changed the wheels and it would have made it that more awesome!

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