First Look: Kyosho Subaru BRZ w/ STI genuine parts & Subaru Impreza R205…

It is really nice to see Subaru getting a little love from Kyosho.  Subaru gets a lot of love from us.

They get a lot of my money each month, as we pay off Ms. Lamley’s Tribeca, a car we love.  And if faced with the choice between and FR-S or BRZ, Subie would be my choice every day of the week.  So you can imagine my excitement when Kyosho announced they were finally doing a Subaru series.

But when someone says Subaru, most gearheads think STi, and understandably the Subaru series is littered with them.  Yeah, an Outback, BRAT, or Sambar probably don’t generate a ton of excitement, so they are not here.  Instead it is Impreza after Impreza, but with gems like the BRZ and classic SVX mixed in.

We just got a few we ordered from Daboxtoys, so we wanted to show them off.  And why not start with one of those Imprezas and the BRZ?

Both are models of cars we haven’t seen, and maybe won’t see in the States.  No STi version of the BRZ has been offered, but Kyosho wasted no time showing one off with at least “optional” STi parts. On top of that the R205 STi Impreza is not available in the US.  That means Kyosho has at least allowed US collectors to get a mini version of two cars not yet available in the US.

So go get them, and we highly suggest Daboxtoys

Kyosho Subaru STi BRZ and Impreza R205 (2014 Subaru Series 1):

5 Replies to “First Look: Kyosho Subaru BRZ w/ STI genuine parts & Subaru Impreza R205…”

  1. Finally! A party to look at Kyosho Subaru castings.

    Okay. The Impreza R205 and the BRZ. I prefer the BRZ because there's nothing wrong with it for me. But for the Impreza, pusp, it is a good model for Kyosho to make but it looks RUBBISH, as if it more looks like a Mazda speed3 hatchback. I looked closer.

    And closer.

    And very closer.

    And realized it looked that way.

    The BRZ. Stunning. It looks very like a cute angel in white (I always say that), it'a like a girl panda, yup. Everything is nicely detailed. Very.

    And that's all it. The nice- but idiotic Impreza and the beautiful- but stunning BRZ. Thanks for the heads up John!

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