Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels BMW E36 M3 Race…

Oh boy…

At the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention a few months ago, the Mattel team dropped a couple of new model bombs, announcing that two additions to the 2014 Mainline would be the Porsche 934 Turbo and BMW E36 M3.
Both came as a surprise, and a very happy surprise at that.  Hot Wheels continues to expand the variety of the models it is releasing, and some from very recent eras.  The 934 and E36 follow in the footsteps of the BMW 2002 and E30, as well as the Porsche 993 GT2, among many others.  To say we are excited about both of these is an understatement.
That is why the first images of the BMW E36 M3 make us very happy.  Check them out:
This model is different than the one previewed in the e-sheet image at Nationals:

Instead of red, it appears it will make its debut in classic BMW Alpine White with signature red and blue checkered racing trim, clearly evoking the style of the M3 Lightweight deco.  With that trim and spoiler, it looks very familiar:

We can’t wait for this one to hit, and it looks to be soon.  Now to see that 934…

12 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels BMW E36 M3 Race…”

  1. This casting is sitting WAAY too high, so much that it almost looks like an old stock 2dr Ford Escort.

  2. Vey nice indeed! I'll actually be catching this thang baby, as if it's a demolition thunder star part.

  3. Practically, some Matchbox castings DON'T have light tempos either, but most of them do. Most Hot Wheels castings DON'T have light tempos. Comprendo?

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