Surprise! Hot Wheels Batch M & Retro Entertainment Batch D are now out at Wheel Collectors…

Time to rev things up again.

I just got off the phone with Matt at Wheel Collectors, who let us know that the truck paid them a visit today, and dropped off both Hot Wheels Basic Batch M and Retro Entertainment Batch D.

We wanted to get you guys the links, so we don’t have much to say about either batch.  We did notice that Homer is back, which is good news for those of you who had trouble finding him before.  And we also cannot wait to get our hands on the James Bond DB5 in the mainline and DBS in Retro.

Here are the links:

Hot Wheels Basic Batch M

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch D

What are you looking forward to?

4 Replies to “Surprise! Hot Wheels Batch M & Retro Entertainment Batch D are now out at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. I really get my attention in these heads up posts, when the gals arrive. My wants? Imma steal those Astons, the LaFerrari recolor, the- …

    Just wait a sec, the LaFerrari recolor was supposed to be in the L case along with the yellow Ferrari F12Birlinetta. Maybe you guys are confused with the 2 Ferrari recolors. I heard the 458 Italia was good.

    Anyways, moving on, grabbing that '69 COPO Corvette, trying my best to get that $TH.

    Another weird thing. Another Homer? Is there a difference between the F case and this version? I don't mind saying, can you do a write-up and First Look on this John? Please? I like to see what's different. Or may it be the color?

    Anyways, I'll go check eBay for the others. Thanks for the heads up and Fathers day is coming. If you have a child happy Fathers day!

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