First Look: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan IDx Freeflow…

It is a treat for us to be able to showcase Tomica Limited Vintage in our First Look series.  Normally First Looks are reserved for just-released Hot Wheels and Matchbox, usually before they hit the pegs.  Normally by the time we get TLV models they have been out for quite a while.

Thanks to our friends at the Japan Booster Tomica Store* on ebay, we are going to move Tomica Limited Vintage into the series.  Of course we won’t show them before they are released, but Japan Booster plans on getting them to us as soon as they get them, and that works well for us.

*Quick tangent: We got our package from the Japan Booster Tomica Store yesterday, and the models were packaged perfectly.  The standard TLV boxes come with a protecto, and everything is wrapped well.  Considering they ship any order over $50 to anywhere in the world for free, that is fantastic.  We can’t recommend Japan Booster enough.

Now that we are doing TLV First Looks, it seems fitting that the first model we are featuring is one of the most highly anticipated models of the year, TLV or otherwise.  The Nissan IDx created quite a stir when it was showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show last year and marketed as the rebirth of the Datsun 510 bloodline.  And even more excitement when it was announced that would go into production.

And then on top of that, we diecast nerds rejoiced when the first announcement of a 1:64 IDx was on its way, and not from any toymaker, but TLV.

Whether it was Nissan or Tomica that pushed the model’s approval in the nostalgic-only TLV line, we have no idea.  We don’t care.  All we know is it got done, and the model doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.  We anticipate the IDx getting a lot of play in the toy world, especially as it moves closer to production.  If we were betting folks, we would put a lot of money down on Hot Wheels doing an IDx very soon.

But no matter who does an IDx in mini, none will surpass the amazing detail on this one.  Not just what you see in our pics, but the blue interior in all its detail, and the fact that the brakes stay put while the wheels move.  (I tried to get my Racegrooves on and film the wheels moving, but I quickly learned that I should stick to photography…)

We are going to shut up now and let you enjoy the pics.  But get ready for more TLV First Looks soon.  IDx Nismo and BMW E30’s are next on the docket…

And don’t forget, the IDx and a slew of other TLV’s are available at Japan Booster Tomica Store right now.  Spend at least $50 and the shipping is free…

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan IDx Freeflow:

With its fender mirrors:

With a Hot Wheels 510:

And with some TLV counterparts:

3 Replies to “First Look: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan IDx Freeflow…”

  1. Yeeesss! Behold, the first time in forever the Nissan IDx Freeflow!

    Anyways, since Tomica is the first one to make the Nissan IDx, I bet all of this. It comes in with like an angel very sexy, what else? Including some shining bright gold, shaping up with some fender mirrors, correct wheels, interior can be seen, and everything else that Tomica has done correctly o the IDx.

    This is a future car, it is supposed to in real life come out here in Canada in Late 2015, the Nissan IDx is a 2016 future car. And I read in this Car And Driver magazine (everyone knows that magazine) it is the top 25 future car worth waiting for of Car And Driver. Neat, eh?

    And am I still waiting for the Nismo racing edition version? I am, so very am looking forward for it to come here soon. Anyways, chaps!

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