The Forgotten Datsun: Tomica Limited Vintage Snake Motors Datsun Fairlady 2000 Roadster…

A few months ago I was having a pleasant chat with one of Hot Wheels’ main designers.  The subject naturally went to JDM models, and we shared the mutual opinion that the selection of JDM in various lines has been a great thing.

So I asked about possible future JDM castings.  He said he didn’t know if there would be any new castings in the next few years, as many of the iconic and internationally recognizable Japanese cars had been done – Celica, 2000GT, Hakosuka and Kenmeri Skylines, AE86, 240Z, 510, etc.  The list is long.

I appreciate that the Subaru 360 or pig’s butt Laurel might a little difficult to pass off to an international crowd, but there are also some great potential Hot Wheels JDM models yet to be done.  The Mazda Cosmo quickly comes to mind.  Unique silhouette ($1 diecast dudes love the value of a good silhouette), recognizable marque, and quickly joining the Toyota 2000GT as the most collectable of Japanese cars.

The other that would make perfect sense was actually sitting a few feet away from that designer and me while having the conversation.  It was at JCCS, and the car is the Datsun Roadster:

Those are only a few of the Roadsters that I was drooling over that day last September.  Hopefully the designer was too, because this car would make a perfect Hot Wheels.  Hard top, soft top, it doesn’t matter.  I have rightfully gone gaga for the Datsuns numbered 510, 620, and 240, but the Roadster may be the best looking of them all.  That shape!  That stance!  That grill!  Oh, that grill….yummy…

And don’t forget there is a heritage to this car, and not just in Japan.  BRE had a few, and John Morton drove them, and we all know how BRE can turn certain Hot Wheels collectors into mush.

That is why the Datsun Roadster by Tomica Limited Vintage is a no-brainer addition to the Lamley collection.  There are a few in the collection, but none has the flare as the special Snake Motors special edition.  We love the deco and the wheels, and yes, that tasty grill is there too.

Snake Motors is a company in Japan, but as far as I know the actual car never existed.  Looks to be a promotional model.  Whatever it is, it is a beauty.

So keep collecting your Hot Wheels JDM, and clamor with us for a Roadster.  In the meantime, pick up a few TLV Datsuns (including the HTF 510 Wagon, which is on ebay right now, and you won’t be disappointed…

Tomica Limited Vintage Datsun Fairlady 2000:

5 Replies to “The Forgotten Datsun: Tomica Limited Vintage Snake Motors Datsun Fairlady 2000 Roadster…”

  1. he doesn't know? and thinks most international models have been done? WTF…what about the corolla? a stock corolla. What about a Camry? what about an early 90's celica…what about a land cruiser?? and of course they could do more Nissans! the pig butt Laurel, yes! or a Celica GT first gen…Mazdas? MX 3, a newer Miata, 929, 626 Matsuri…it seems they just want to fill the line with their awful designs :/

  2. Whoa Edgar, I would watch what you say. Think about what JDM they have already brought, and that includes the designer I talked to. We would love to see more too, but criticizing the designers makes no sense to me.

  3. True. I shouldn´t criticize the designer, but criticize Mattel. There are plenty of japanese cars that are global. In fact, most of the models that HW have done have been sold mostly in the USA and Japan. I think those are excuses.

    It's clear that if it was up to the designers, there would be cooler cars.

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