Model of the Day: Tomica Limited Vintage Subaru 360 Custom…

“Custom” means “Wagon”.

Probably a good thing to know when looking at this model.  Subaru used the term “Custom” in the 60’s for it’s “Wagon” version of the 360, and that is probably helpful to us Americans.  Use the term “Wagon” here and we picture something else entirely.  The little 360 could practically ride in the back back of one of those wood-paneled boats we grew up with.

So how small is the 360?  We will show you how small the the 1:64 scale model by TLV is in a minute, but the 1:1 360 is tiny.  Here is the standard 360 kei car displayed at Nade Wade Subaru in Salt Lake City:

The Outback behind it looks like it could eat for lunch.  The chairs in the nearby office appear almost as big.  This car is small, and clearly not very conducive to today’s expanding waistlines in the US.

But that is today.  Unfortunately no one here in the US wanted them back in the 1960’s, either.  Several thousand were imported to the US with much fanfare, and no one bought them.  Some sat in dealerships, others on boats, and there is even the famous unconfirmed report that several sit at the bottom of LA Harbor, after being dumped overboard instead of being shipped back to Japan.

Now, the 360 is a classic.  It gets its fair share of attention at car shows like JCCS, and there frankly is a lot to love in that tiny contraption.  We dig the 360 Custom especially, and are more than thrilled TLV decided to make one.

And yeah, it is tiny too.  Let’s put it next to a Hot Wheels car:

Small enough for you?

(Find the 360 and other TLV Subarus on ebay.  Be prepared to pay a little…)

Tomica Limited Vintage Subaru 360 Custom:

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