Cool is Cool is Cool: Hot Wheels Boulevard Renault 5 Turbo…

It is time to get this one out from among the shadows…

It has only been 17 months since the release Hot Wheels 2013 Boulevard Batch A, and maybe it is time we get over the Datsun 510 Wagon and give the Renault 5 Turbo its proper due.

Actually the Renault is far from a secret.  The amount sold in the Lamley Sale at Wheel Collectors says you guys already know how cool this model is.  (Well at least you know how cool the wheels are.  We think a few of these Renaults will be sacrificial lambs in the name of future customs.)

So considering many of you are buying these up, and because Speedhunters just recently featured a 5 Turbo, we think this mean mid-engine mini hatchback is definite Cool is Cool is Cool recipient.

And maybe this will inspire another mini obsession here at Lamley.  We are always professing our love for wagons, and you also may have noticed more than a few classic pickups gracing our blog lately.  But we also have a lot of love for hatchbacks.  How can you not when you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s?

Of course the Renault 5 is a child of the 70’s, so that is a good place to start, and knowing us many more are coming.  We welcome your suggestions as well.

So we will let the Boulevard Datsun Wagon and Hakosuka take a back seat, at least for a day.  The Renault 5 was as great of a new release as the Wagon, Jeep Wagoneer, and Porsche 993 were in that series, it just was part of the wrong batch.  We imagine we will see this model again, at least we hope we do.  It surely has a bright future…

(Grab the Renault Turbo on ebay…)

Hot Wheels Renault 5 Turbo (2013 Boulevard):

14 Replies to “Cool is Cool is Cool: Hot Wheels Boulevard Renault 5 Turbo…”

  1. I'm kind of a sucker for the underside of most Hot Wheels castings. As a matter of fact, sometimes to me, they're actually the most detailed part of the cars, and you don't have to worry about tampo mis-strikes or anything to mess them up.

    Does this 5 Turbo have the mid/rear engine Group B layout, or is it the factory stock layout?

  2. Yes, this is definitely a well-executed casting. No “large rear wheels” syndrome and proportions are spot-on. I have one in my collection too, and certainly hope Hotwheels will release it in the mainline in the near future.

  3. I was shocked when Hot Wheels actually made this. I would always suggest an R5 Turbo/Turbo 2 on those HWC suggestion threads, but thought it too obscure to actually be released. My favorite hot hatch ever, and, yes, this is a beautiful casting. The blackwall Renault Turbo is a completely different, lamer car.
    Hatches, hmm? How about a FX16 GTS, Lancia Delta Integrale, or a Starlet?

  4. That's a good question and even better observations. This makes me want to go find mine and scope it out because I am curious too… This really is a great casting and I hope to see it issued again in a premium series as the Monte Carlo winning car, or if licensing is too hard for that, perhaps the original 'Turbo' side liveried street version in white, yellow, or blue!

    A mainline model would be nice but this casting really shines with the rally wheels and real riders and it's hard to imagine having near the same effect with plastic wheels.

  5. I agree. SeattleO for president…. of Hot Wheels design at least!

    In rural areas, parts of the mid-west, & other areas in the US not fluent in European cars I think this may have hung on the pegs briefly but it's hard to say. I'd have thought the same about the Boulevard Porsche 914-6 which was true until those in the know found out and scooped up every last one!

  6. Right. Cool is Cool is Cool. The Renault would be- a Nice is Nice is Nice, particularly because those Boulevard wheels in white don't do the great…

  7. I boutgh this R5 just because I am in love with the original R5 Turbo casting, what I have in blue since I was a child. Of course the cars and the casting are very diferent each one, but I love them both. Hope to see it again in the premium lines.

  8. As I remember one could buy the mid engined car from some UK Renault dealers although these weren't the full on works rally cars.

    This explains some of it….

    To confuse matters there was also a front engined Renault 5 turbo – Renault 5 Alpine turbo. (Looks similar to some of the variants of the silver MB Renault 5.)

    The HW model has the body and internal layout of the mid engined car.


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