A Scion FR-S Party! The new Zamac plus a Variation Alert…

We do enjoy bringing our readers pics of the latest models as early as possible, but when it comes to the Zamacs, we are completely at the mercy of Mattel’s distribution and our local Walmarts.  So we knew we would be a little late to the game when J case dump bins starting hitting the eastern US, without a trickle of sign that were in the West.

Sure enough, they didn’t hit the West until late last week, 2-3 weeks after the East and Midwest (and at the same time K case bins are hitting there as well.   Um, grrrrr.)  But at least they did hit.  The last batch of Zamacs, with the pretty AE86, Silverado, and Camaro was scarce at best around here.  I did manage to find them at one rural Walmart, but I never saw them in the Salt Lake City area.  That is a little concerning, as the upcoming Chevelle Wagon, Hakosuka Skyline, and ’70 Chevelle SS Zamacs are high on the want-list, and I hope I can find them.

But distribution talk is boring, so let’s move on.

We have the Scion!  In 2012/2013 the Toyota 86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ dominated the auto world, so maybe 2014 is a year where we come down a bit.  (And get ready for the Nissan IDX buzz to start getting VERY LOUD.  We will be contributing.)  So Hot Wheels’ version of the Scion may have come a tad late, and it has had a surprisingly run of bland colors and deco.

So the Hot Wheels Scion hasn’t gotten the attention of many non-JDM collectors, but it might once we see one in a sharp primary color.  Bright red?  Satin blue?  For now, we have the Zamac, and it does look great.  But all Zamacs do.  We have said it before, we will say it now, and we will say it again: Zamacs are f*#king fun to photograph.  They always look good.

Then & Now with the Zamac AE86

There is another bit of HW Scion FR-S news, and we decided to include it with our post on the Zamac.  It just took a bit longer to get that Zamac Scion than we expected.

If you are a wheel variation collector, check your local Hot Wheels 9-packs.  If you are lucky, you might find the first color of the 2014 Scion with chrome-lipped J5 wheels, as opposed to the standard PR5.

We weren’t lucky enough to find one, but thankfully we had an extra OH5 RX-7 to trade to HWC variation nut 1.eyed.jack for one that he found, and it arrived a few days ago.

As far as we know, this variation is exclusive to 9-packs, and has not been found in high numbers.  But both Target and Walmart have housed them.  So keep your eyes peeled.

And it makes for a happy family:

2013 New Model

2013 New Model – large PR5 wheels (found only in 3-packs)

2014 Mainline

2014 Mainline J5 wheels (found in 9-packs)

2014 Zamac exclusive

3 Replies to “A Scion FR-S Party! The new Zamac plus a Variation Alert…”

  1. The only 2014 zamac I have thus far is the AE86, found at a WM Neighborhood Market here in the Portland area. The Silverados and Camaros were long gone, but I was far more interested in the AE86 anyways. And I'll definitely grab this Scion if I see it somewhere.

  2. Not bad. And of course I'm one of the guys who loves the Scion FR-S. Hot Wheels so far has done good detailing on the FR-S, but let's not waste time on this latest pop up on the Scion FR-S.

    Anyways, lets start with the ZAMAC. Not bad with the green there. Mostly bothers me on the Hakosuka. I'm not saying that because I hate it. It's because that doesn't suit the cup of tea. Well, technically not my cup of tea for that. But by that being said, the ZAMAC Scion here is all right, it's all okay, and it's all no bummer. The blue interior, WOW! That absolutely fits on this thang. That is my cup of tea. So that's kind on impressing. No possible freaking things aren't happening to this guy.

    And the latest variation on the FR-S. WHEEL variation. Dope darn great with the chorme-lipped J5's. You know, I actually like it. Looks real stunning like that style. No complains on this thing. Everythings fine. ALL FINE.

    So that's it! This is just all the stuff I expected and this day had. I expected all of a party. Stuff never begins with an S, then a C, than an I, than an O, than an N. S-C-I-O-N, Scion. Just keep your hands straight, and have a Scion day resting.

  3. Out of two walmarts in my town, this was the only Zamac I found in both stores, didn't find the other two. Thought it was pretty strange that the popular one is the one I find.

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