First Look: Hot Wheels Project Speeder & Rig Storm…

Here is our obligatory showcase of a few non-licensed models from Hot Wheels Batch K.

Not that we don’t want to show them.  Well, some we want to show more than others.  In the case of these two, one is far more interesting than the other, and that one we think merits some coverage.  The other merits some time on the track.

So let’s start with that track model.  The Rig Storm is in fact plastic with a diecast chassis, so it should run well on the track.  Other than that, it appears to be based on racing semis, which we know NOTHING about.  Anyone who wants to educate us, we are all ears.

Ok, done with that.

Now the interesting one.  The Project Speeder is one of those non-licensed models that can keep you thinking.  Junkyard darling?  Demolition Derby champ?  Someone’s restoration project from another dimension?  A futuristic Torino that has seen better days?  Daryl’s new ride in the upcoming season of the Walking Dead?

Your guess is as good as ours, or maybe someone out there know’s exactly what it is.  We welcome the education.  But what we do know is we like it. Clearly it is a Mattel designer enjoying him or herself, letting the fun run wild.  And it has a great deco to boot.  Non-licensed models don’t get us too excited, but the occasional release strikes our fancy.  Count the Project Speeder as one of those…

(Find both as part of the 2014 K Case, currently on ebay…)

Hot Wheels Project Speeder & Rig Storm (2014 New Models):

5 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Project Speeder & Rig Storm…”

  1. I take the Project Speeder as a half assembled muscle car, sans front quarter panels.

    I take the Rig Storm as a futuristic racing Peterbilt.

  2. The first thing I noticed about the Speeder is that the roof is strikingly similar to the Nissan GT-R. Apart from that, everything else is American. Some Charger here or there, a bit of Mustang and the very back “reminds” me of a some old Cadillac or maybe a Buick. Its definitely a mash-up of multiple cars thats for sure. About the truck, I'm not too keen on it. In fact I'm not keen on generics at all for that matter.

    – Black Wind

  3. The Speeder looks like a good competitor for a junkyard Muscle custom… Maybe put a radiator between headlights.

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