First Look: 2014 Matchbox Classic Seagrave Fire Engine in red…

The more interesting post will be when the new Matchbox Mack Fire Engbe comes out and we can compare the two.  That will be soon.
For now, you can take a gander at the latest version, which looks an awful lot like the first version.  Or just take a look at the family, which is a great-looking bunch.  Outside of its gray base, the new version is nice.  But the event models are better, and always fun to give a gaze.
So enjoy…
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Matchbox Classic Seagrave Fire Engine (2014 Mainline):

The family:

2012 Mainline

2012 Gathering of Friends Convention Model

2012 Everett Marshall Charities Model

2012 European Gathering Model

2013 Mainline

2014 Mainline

4 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Matchbox Classic Seagrave Fire Engine in red…”

  1. I wouldn't add this to my collection, since I'm not a fan of city working vehicles (Except police vehicles), I would say it is fantastic this new Seagrave version!

  2. Thanks for the article and up close photos. I have yet to find this one but look forward to adding it to my collection as it is a nice addition to the line of Seagraves. In the future I do hope to see this model get released in the basic line with brown (wooden colored) ladders as were common during this era of firefighting. I am rather fond of the new “gold leaf” striping design on this model. It would be great to see some retro MB designs used on this casting (like the old Denver pumper) or maybe using the blue and white Civil Defense theme or Navy Grey from back in the day. Heck, even the Park service theme would look awesome. Either way, I can't wait to see what the next version looks like.

  3. Hi. I like your blog. I don't care for the 2014 version—the gray plastic base/side details/bumpers look cheap. The 2012 version is superior. Found the 2014 version at WalMart this week.

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