First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment 2014 Custom Mustang…

Maybe we started out the week a little rough.  Coming off our panning of the new Koenigsegg Agera R that Hot Wheels has just released, but we should showcase a model we really like.
And since we are already here, why don’t we take a look at the other Need for Speed model in this Retro Entertainment line?  I mean, it makes sense.  Both of the new models are making their debut as part of the Need for Speed promotion.  Both are sports cars.  And…gasp!…both have large rear wheels.  Uh-oh.
On the heels of yesterday’s lambasting of the Agera for its large rear wheel, I should probably clear something up.  I know that large rear wheels are a Hot Wheels signature.  There are times I wish it wasn’t, but for the most part it doesn’t bother me.  In the case of the Agera, it really did.  Maybe it was the choice of the wheel they used, but it throws off badly the proportions of an already mean-looking car.  All they needed to was make them the same size wheel, and there would be a problem at all.
Case in point?  The Custom Mustang.  Yes, the wheels on the real thing look to be about the same diameter:
But the Hot Wheels version has large rear wheels:
Maybe it is the wheel choice, or the curves on the actual car and the model, but here it works very well.  This is a dynamite casting.  
Just remember, we killed the Agera because the large rear wheel made no sense, not just because we don’t like large rear wheels.  We love them here.
As we move into the 2015 Mustang design, and with Hot Wheels following with the 2015 Mustang model coming soon, we can start looking back at the many incarnations of this generation of Mustang as a Hot Wheels car.  We don’t have them all, but I think it is safe to say that this new version is one of the best-looking current Mustangs Hot Wheels has done.  It just might be the best thing about what I hear was an otherwise horrible movie.  At least the movie promotion got the Hot Wheels team to create such a great model.
The color, wheels, and detailing are fantastic, front to back.  Who knows what future versions of this casting will look like (there are bound to be many), but it doesn’t really matter.  This is the model to have…
Hot Wheels 2014 Custom Mustang (2014 Retro Entertainment):

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  1. While everything went wrong with the Koenigssegg's large rear wheels yesterday, which wasn't a matter to anyone, this Mustang is not one of 'em that complains. There are large rear wheels on this guy right here, I'd bet no one complains anymore about its large rear wheels. No one. I mean, this Mustang is from NFS, it's a new casting from Hot Wheels and it went into the Retro Entertainment line- NFS series, but all everything, all else, is WOW. I actually like the casting and one thing I'm not just telling one person- because I like the casting, it's because I'm a fan of muscle cars too. So, anyways, focusing on this little thang here, I say it looks really fantastic, it's got full tempos, and really looks like the real NFS exclusive Mustang. I'm also looking forward for the Mustang in the mainline soon along with the Agera. They don't exactly fit what other collectors say, but god this is one almighty Mustang.

    And the Mustang kinda is ugly, because in the real picture, and even when I see the Hot Wheels version, Ford's added NFS' commands to have a real, lot-of-detailed, customized Mustang. If you don't get the point, then I mean that I say that there's too much shapes and detailing. It's good but just that bothering me. Buzzed or thrilled to see.

    And that's fellow. Anyways, thanks for the post John!

  2. While I'm one of the few people who didn't mind the custom '13 Mustang choice in the Mustang 50th line (because to me, the S197 Mustang platform (2005-2014) is all about customization) I will say that if Hot Wheels knew that they had this casting waiting in the wings, they could have held off the 50th anniversary line and put this in there. It's still custom, so it still fits the personality of the S197, but it's not custom to the point of being a blingy pro street dragster. It would fit much better design-wise with the custom '07 and '12. I've been anxious to see this model up close, and it looks good! I can't wait to snag one. Thanks for the great photo set as always!

  3. There's only two Mustang castings of the current gen (2005-2014) that did not have the small fronts and medium rears: 2010 GT and Custom 2012. All of the others have had the small/medium combo.

    But this is a really nice casting. Will look great sitting next to the Laguna Seca and Custom '07.


  4. Now that is a very nice model indeed! And this is the kind of casting on which the large rear wheels look good. They rather compliment the whole look (although I wouldn't mind ASW). The Agera is ruined anyway. But this I must say is a model I will try to pick up (I was actually planing the vice-versa thing but nevermind). This should go well with all the other GT500s, Supersnakes and other 5th gen Mustangs we've had till now. TY for the photos!

    – Black Wind

  5. Unfortunately Hot Wheels used what i call the “economic print mode” for the blue stripes and rear lights tampos.

    This sucks big time. All premium models have been using low resolution tampos and i just can't figure it out why.

    Does anyone wlse agree with me (or knows what i'm talking about)?

  6. Yeah, they are a little grainy and look kinda cheap, but with this method, the stripes and other details are under clear coat and won't rub away after a couple of days.

  7. This mustang does absolutely nothing for me. I know it's a NFS model, but compared to models like the recent 2012 Mustang GT500 from Greenlight in their GL Muscle series as one of the 10th Anniversary models, this thing is a joke.

    The more I think about it, when you consider the volume they are produced in, and still a minimal number of pieces, the HW premium retro line should be $3.50-$4.25, not $5-6 where you can get a precisely proportioned, perfect Greenlight model. Just my .02 as someone who considers and often buys a little bit of everything.

  8. This new Mustang casting is absolutely fantastic. When I first saw the sneaks for it months ago I knew it would become a favorite. Since there is 0.00001% chance of finding one in a store, I've already ordered 4 of them on-line.

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