As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending April 19, 2014…

Another great week of custom output.  Does it seem the amount of customs coming each week is more and more prolific?


Go Murakami‎

@mrsenctvt – Instagram

md mar abd manaf

Dun DÖn Jovovich

Ricky Silverio

Evilsonicz Customs

Daniel Hew

Nicholaus Tamboto

Pryor Selektah

@amilamiluddin – Instagram

Mass Putra
@Diecast_zombeaz – Instagram

Mack N Chiz

@kennpot – Instagram

Yusuf Pn

@joel2454 – Instagram

@5pudly – Instagram


@Mohdozil – Instagram

Rudy Mulyawan Mardhany‎

@moe_fp_bmcrew – Instagram

@irfdstn – Instagram

Josh Wurfel

@goskeomori – Instagram

@xsmetaldesigns – Instagram

Reezal Ahmad

Dave L

@goskeomori – Instagram

@b0neskustomz – Instagram

@bayujp – Instagram

German Fonseca Soto

thomas lebanon

@dwipenthol – Instagram


irfan destian

Justin Tu

Edgar Torres Farias

@ivansutanto86 – Instagram

Julian Rowlands

Zombie Honda

@hotwheelnut – Instagram

@xtremed01 – Instagram

@mariot1 – Instagram

Karan Adivi

@josejdmcollazo – Instagram

6 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending April 19, 2014…”

  1. The guy who did the Kombi Batmobile did an awesome job ! Very impressive ! Also love the Police Kenmeri and the White wheels on the CP27 240Z.

  2. :0 moar stuff. How come we're seeing As is the Custom in the middle of the week?

    Also, I really love the Custom 510's card. Awesome design.

  3. its expectable that people doing things that are liked on this blog cuz its more joyful to build them!
    i really liked that VW mobile cafetterie by Dun DÖn Jovovich, there are visible how some builders think.
    i love some backgrounds more than models on the jdms are in demand cuz the curves of the cars are somehow more interesting than classic cars that we know better but dont forget to make what you like and not only what liked others!
    Milo a.k.a. Rhyan1 a.k.a. Pryor selektah

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