Lamley News: The first glimpse of Hot Wheels K case models, found in Australia…

We just got an interesting message from Lamley reader Chris Adams from Australia, asking if the 8 models he just found were part of the current J cases.

They aren’t, but even better we now have our first preview of some of the models coming in the upcoming Hot Wheels K case:

These were found at Coles Supermarket in Victoria, so those of near one may want to head over.  Sometimes the short card assortments are slightly different than long card assortments, so that is probably the case here.
We are obviously most interested in the Hakosuka Skyline, but there are some other notable curiosities, namely the Let’s Go, which sounds very similar to another popular toy brand.  The card back confirms:

That makes two Lego-themed models, which must mean Mattel likes that idea.
There might be more out there, so our friends in Oz, let us know what you find…

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  1. Of course the Rig Storm is a plastic body. To think a cool truck like that could have a metal body, blasphemy! But it's an x-ray body, so I can deal with that 😀

    There's also the Hyundai Genesis Coupe in this mix with the soccer/football deco. It was in the HWC sneaks today. Along with the HW Racing deco'd 24/Seven.


  2. Ah sweet,another Lego “compatible” model from Hotwheels.Always tried to avoid buying Lego stuff even it is so cool.Sadly,i couldn`t resist for buing a few Minifigures to clip on my Fig Rig.

  3. Short cards are the best. Less space required to store, better placement of the graphics and, most important, the car's drawing appears complete. It's a pity we don't receive them anymore here in Brazil (only the long ones), despite the Inmetro seal still at the back.

  4. Okay. My picks I will be getting for the K case will be the Nissan, the Plymouth, the recolor vari of the Cougar, and the Silverado.

  5. Careful sending the citizens of Lego land through the trials of the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, I have witnessed a few decapitations at the hand of the Fig Rig!

  6. I agree, I often wonder why not sell the short cards globally, all this talk of cost cutting and eco packaging from Mattel, what's more eco-friendly than using less packaging & half the cardboard to begin with?

  7. I agree, short cards are so much better. I don't know why they are not the standard. The long cards take up too much space for a car that is only 3-4 inches long at best.

  8. Why would you guys think that the short cards are a matter? Seems to me they DO fit the whole space than long cards. Plus, what do you even need to think about? The long cards in the back tell what series they are in, the subseries, the scan, and some information. It doesn't do a lot in short cards. It doesn't have to matter about talking about this…

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