Cool is Cool is Cool: 2009 Matchbox Superfast Mazda 2…

We thought we would continue our Cool is Cool is Cool series with something a little different.  So far, those models selected for Cool is Cool is Cool have been classics that were just a tad off the mainstream.  Think Studebaker pickups, Greenwood Corvettes, and Auto World land yachts.

But today we are going a little more current.

There is that occasional casting in your collection that you have always appreciated, but never got you as excited as other models did.  You like that it was made, but can’t put too much passion behind it.

Except for that one version when it all comes together.  Wheels, color, tampos, etc.  You just need that one model, and thereafter can ignore all the other versions.

For me, the 2009 Matchbox Superfast Mazda 2 is that model.

We were thrilled to see another Mazda from Matchbox back in 2008, and the 2 was a great choice.  It seemed to be a nod to those in other countries, where the 2/Demio was far more popular than in the US.  They gave it a right-hand-drive as well, just to further show who this model was for.

And as you can imagine, in the US that cool little compact hung on the pegs.  And hung, and hung, and hung.  It wasn’t surprising, but it was disappointing to see that happen, and soon enough the Mazda 2 was taken from the mainline.  We haven’t seen it there in some time.

But that is fine, because in 2009 Matchbox released a version in the Superfast line that was all we needed.  A sporty version of the 2 in yellow over 5-spoke wheels, with front, side, rear, and top detailing.  Why collect any others?

We won’t go through all the details as to why this model is so cool.  We will just let you look at the pictures.  We think you will agree…

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Matchbox Mazda 2 (2009 Superfast):

9 Replies to “Cool is Cool is Cool: 2009 Matchbox Superfast Mazda 2…”

  1. Totally agree, and the small car is woefully missing from teh Matchbox line up, how about

    Ford Fiesta
    Renault Clio
    Citroen C4 Picasso
    Honda Fit/Jazz
    Nissan Juke

    oh there are just so many.

  2. I don't usually pay attention to the subcompacts (with the exception of the Fiat 500 from Hot Wheels), but this one is pretty nice. Castings like these are what you buy just for the hell of it. That being said, if you are gonna choose a subcompact, this is the way to do it.

  3. Exactly. Just a car that fits for a city. But the Mazda 2 is one of them babies. Very much worthy.

    Now, while I'm not a fan of this casting, I'd say it's the best version ever made. The sporting style, the full tempos, everything! But still, Matchbox needs more work, including those ambassador reports.

  4. Great model! I own this one and all the other Mazda 2 variants, including the multiple blue variants and vibrant metallic green. All skillfully placed around 2 towering cans of Mazda 2 energy drink… yes this is a real thing; used in marketing the Mazda 2 in the U.S. when it was released here years ago. If I could upload a photo of it here I would…

  5. You can upload it elsewhere and then post the link here. I would like to see it really! I would also like to have some of that Mazda energy drink but you can't give that to me through a link. Nevermind!

    – Black Wind

  6. Yes.. it looks like a well executed casting. As far as certain subcompacts i'm not crazy about, though I had to get the Fiat 500. I always liked the first generation Ford Focus.

  7. I scored this version a couple years ago in Toys R Us. It had sat for quite some time, and I managed to get it at an unmakred clearance price.


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