Model of the Day: 2010 Hot Wheels Walmart Exclusive Bugatti Veyron…

Why this car today?  It’s simple, because we just took pictures of it, just for the hell of it.  So we decided to post them.

Before we get into the Walmart Bugatti (which we have featured before), let’s get one thing out of the way.  This is not a great casting.  Hot Wheels has certainly done better.  We can give the team a break, considering this model debuted in 2003, and things are always improving.  We have to think that if Hot Wheels did another Veyron today, there would be some drastic improvements.  The Veyron, which might look like a blob to some, would actually require a great deal of detail to pass in 1:64, especially the $1 variety.  (AutoArt has already mastered the premium 1:64 Veyron.)

The quality of the casting could have been a reason that Hot Wheels retired the casting, we assume at Bugatti’s request.  Frankly we don’t know why it happened, but the word from Mattel is we won’t see this casting produced again.  We don’t mind, and we definitely won’t argue a new version.

But as it is, this model had a short life, but posthumously has enjoyed quite the resurgence.  Yes, the Bugatti has already achieved auto-legend status, but that can’t explain why the Hot Wheels version commands such high prices on ebay.  It is probably just more about hype.  Two bidders, both concerned that this casting has been retired, get in a bidding battle on one.  Others watch, figure it is a valuable model worth paying a lot for, and they do the same thing to another listing.  This continues through today and now it is hard to buy one on ebay for less than $30.

But that Walmart version, it is another story.  It is one of those “I shoulda” models, as seemingly 20 to 30 examples of this red version hung on the pegs at my local Walmart for months.  It was like that at many stores.

But then Hot Wheels announced the casting would be no longer, demand went up, and THEN everyone realized that the Walmart version in satin red was the best looking of all eight official versions.

Yes, the First Edition and Speed Machines versions share the same design queues as most Veyrons, but the Walmart version in satin red with no side deco and full front and rear detailing takes the cake. Hot Wheels had already released the satin blue version, but front-to-back hood and roof detailing.  But then someone there had a moment of clarity and realized that the best satin version would be just plain.  And they were so right.

This is a beautiful model.  The only Veyron on display in the Lamley offices.  We are glad we kept through the Bugatti frenzy…

Hot Wheels Bugatti Veyron (2010 Walmart Exclusive):

9 Replies to “Model of the Day: 2010 Hot Wheels Walmart Exclusive Bugatti Veyron…”

  1. THANK YOU. Someone realizes this casting isn't that great. Even though it is a 11 year old casting, there were other models that came out at that time whose detailing was SO much better than this one.

    I agree this satin red release was easily the best release of the casting.

    I have the FE, both 2010 releases, and the Speed Machines release. Pretty sure neither Mystery model is in my collection and I know the gray ones from 2006 aren't in any of the boxes. No real desire to get them either.


  2. I picked up an original package of a HW's First Editions Bugatti(black/red) from a diecast seller at a local flea market for $2 around Christmas time! No joke. When I went to wrap up my shopping, the seller must not have been in the know about it and offered it to me for quite a steal for that price. I felt guilty, but I guess if you don't know what you're selling, you lose out.
    The same car I purchased loose on E-bilk went for about close to $15 about a couple yrs ago.
    The red satin is pretty good and I kind of prefer the blue satin, but why the red satin getting all the hype I don't know.

  3. I was at a small resale shop and found an original red/black Veyron in the packaging for $1.25 in a small bin. I bought it, but didn't realize they were worth 20 dollars on eBay.

  4. I see Veyrons at garage sales all the time. I should probably start picking them up. Maybe I can make a fortune in the future!
    Hideous car in real life, and the HW version is not flattering.

  5. Great pick for the “Model of the Day” John, but however, why again do we have to use the same thing again? You now used it twice…

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