Lamley links: ebay and other links of the day…

Some things that interested us, and we thought would interest you:

The rarest of the Hot Wheels R32 Skylines, and there are THREE on ebay right now:

Hot Wheels Snap-On Skyline

A great group of ebay listings from this seller, including a rare 5-pack R32 Skyline and an intact 10-pack with the flamed Dodge Charger:

Hot Wheels from bad3156

The folks at diecasttvchannel give us the first glimpse of the new Hot Wheels Mystery models Aston Martin DBS:

diecasttv channel episode 141

Racegrooves opens a J case:

Racegrooves J-case unboxing

The fantastic Toyota Corona I saw today:

Lamley on IG

The Mazda Miata/MX-5 is now officially a nostalgic:

11 Replies to “Lamley links: ebay and other links of the day…”

  1. I love miatas. I am comfortable enough in my masculinity to say so.

    Now if Hot Wheels wants to do another Miata, I would suggest making a casting of the current one, or doing a retool of the first generation. The old casting was nice, but it just wasn't accurate enough for me. I've always appreciated the metal base though.

    Jesus, that's a lot of cream for that Skyline, shit!

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  3. HW should make a new casting based on the first gen NA Miata. And if they could make them with opened headlights that would be gold.

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