Just Unveiled: 2014 Hot Wheels Greenwood Corvette in its "non-Super" clothes…

With 13 of the 15 Super Treasure Hunts for 2014 already unveiled, we now have a clear idea on how this year’s lineup is shaping up.  There are a ton of Chevys (more on that tomorrow), a few Fords, and a Hot Wheels Classic.  Looking at it that way, the lineup looks rather bland, especially after two Toyotas last year among all the muscle.

But when you look at the individual castings, there are some gems.  We got a Brazilian car, a cool Wagon, that mean ’70 Chevelle, a new collector fave in the Gasser.  And then there are two that surely fall in Lamley’s “Cool is Cool is Cool” category, the ’71 Mustang Mach 1 and the ’76 Greenwood Corvette.

I think I have made it well-known that the Greenwood Corvette is one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings, and one of my two favorite American car castings along with the Gran Torino Sport.  So any news on either casting will be reported here.  And after ogling over the Greenwood Super, we now know what the standard mainline version looks like:

And yep, she’s pretty.  Hot Wheels is great about using era-appropriate colors and designs on many of its castings, and Greenwood is as ’70’s as it comes.  While the Torino Sport can look updated on modern wheels with modern colors and designs, the Greenwood is all 70’s racer, and needs to stay that way.  So we love the orange with white trim.  And, yeah, that Super ain’t bad either.  It is only our favorite of the first 13 Supers by a mile…

4 Replies to “Just Unveiled: 2014 Hot Wheels Greenwood Corvette in its "non-Super" clothes…”

  1. Very nice! It looks better with more detail than the yellow, and it's got it's own gold MC5 wheel styling. So again very nice and thanks for the post John!

  2. I do have enough of Chevs, in ZAMACS, and you told us TON of Chevs in the $TH line, but my only thought is this. The super-sonic Greenwood Vette. It does look really awesome.

  3. After seeing the color of the $TH, I had a feeling the reg would be orange, similar to how different the '71 El Caminos were last year. Personally, I wish the $TH was more orange, it's too brown, IMO. I really like the reg, though.


  4. 70s Racer without RACING DECOS. Looks better than the yellow one that was in the 2013 lineup, though. And the Super is stellar. But please, HW team, bring the racing decos back next time.

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