First Look: Hot Wheels Snoopy…

Good Grief.

Trying to write something about every car we feature is hard enough, now I have to write about Peanuts characters.  Here is what I recollect about Peanuts:

  • Charlie has serious bouts with depression.
  • There is a guy who is really dusty.
  • There is a guy who must have back problems now because of the way he slouches over a tiny piano.
  • Something about missing football kicks.
  • Something about cheap counseling.
  • The Charlie Brown kids sing an awesome Christmas song.
  • My wife does the best Peanuts dance I have seen a real person do.
  • I love the theme music.
There is probably a lot more, but most of my Peanuts experience revolved around watching holiday-themed specials, and that is what I remember.  I don’t remember too much about Snoopy, other than he didn’t speak (refreshing), and was a very confident pooch.
I have no idea if Snoopy ever drag raced his doghouse.  I do know there was a ridiculous Snoopy-inspired Jaguar Drag Racer that would make a great Vintage Racer if Hot Wheels ever brought back the line:
But we are here to talk about this little surprise Hot Wheels car that no one knew was coming.  Like I stated before, I know nothing of the context, but I can answer some questions about the casting:
  • House is metal, base is plastic.
  • Snoopy is removable, and he is soft plastic.
Oh, that is it.  I thought I would have tons of bullet points about it.  But alas, I don’t.  Castings like these are cool additions to the Hot Wheels line, although not my cup of tea.  We are only a few weeks away from “Got the Nova Super and picked up all 17 Snoopys!” on the forums, and we will look forward to not caring.
(I have been asked where I got this Snoopy we are showcasing.  I got it from this ebay seller who got Batch J early, and still has quite a few models.  It might be worth saving him as a seller…)
Hot Wheels Snoopy (2014 New Models):

10 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Snoopy…”

  1. A comedian thing. That's right. This may not be my choice, but it would be lots of fun to keep the Snoopy pup for a walk hehe…

  2. When you say Snoopy is made of soft plastic, are you talking about the same sort of plastic as the skater in the Skate Punk casting? If so, sounds like Mattel might be onto something in terms of “things riding things” castings.

  3. That photo of the Snoopy Jaguar funny car is actually a 1/16-scale model built by John Teresi. He does impressive work!

  4. Snoppy often plays the “Red Baron” in several comic strips and TV specials, where the dog house is his plane, so I think that's where the inspiration for this came from.

    Like the Simpsons, I grew up watching Peanuts cartoon specials. Had a few VHS tapes. So this is another casting that I'm actively seeking out because of that.

    And as a side note, the dusty character is Pigpen, the piano player is Schroeder. Lucy gives the cheap nickel counseling at her lemonade-stand-esque stand. She also performs legal matters for 7 cents, haha.


  5. Anybody can say what they want, but I think I like this better than the other cartoon cars, with the exception of the Jetsons car. I respect the nostalgic value of the Mystery Machine, but it never was my cup of tea, even though I was a huge Scooby Doo fan. The Homer car was cool on the Simpsons, but it is still a fugly POS, so to me that casting feels like wasted space. So, even though the Snoopy is just a doghouse with an engine, it looks way better in my opinion.

    I also like how they made the base green to simulate the grass underneath. Nifty little touch.

  6. This is really awesome casting. It thrilled me when I first saw it. It's my top favorite on movies/TV group.

  7. Got the Nova Super… and four Snoopys! To my surprise, Fred Meyer had a J-case 4-sided shipper out, so it's time to.start checking your Krogers. I probably could've bought 17 Snoopys, but four is good enough for me. And there truly is a lot of other great stuff in the J-case. (By the way, I'm not a door warmer, and it was just past 7 pm when I visited this particular Fred Meyer).

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