Lamley News: The remaining models of 2014 Hot Wheels Cool Classics have been unveiled, and some great models are coming…

Something funny happened yesterday while talking to a friend about the list of 2014 Hot Wheels mainline models.

We were discussing what models were in the line, and I noted that one model that a Mattel designer eluded to being released, the Subaru BRAT, was not part of the list.  The obvious assumption was that it would be part of the Cool Classics line.  Curiosity bested my friend, and a quick google search yielded a tasty tidbit.  This online store had this list of the remaining Cool Classics organized by batch, and we really like what we see:

• ’65 Ford Galaxie
• Astro Funk
• ’84 Ford Mustang
• Volkswagen Drag Beetle
• 1955 Corvette

• ’70 Mustang Boss 302
• 1984 Hurst Olds
• Honda S2000
• Ford GT
• ’65 Volkswagen Fastback

• Datsun 240Z
• Datsun Bluebird 510
• 1976 Chevy Chevette
• Subaru Brat
• ’10 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake
Of course we don’t know for sure if this list is 100% correct, but we have reason to believe it is.  The Brat is there, as are several models that were previewed to RLC members several weeks ago.  Plus many models that have been in premium lines before.
Highlights for us?  Well, those two Datsuns in Batch L are no-brainers, as is the Brat.  It is surprising to see the Honda S2000 in there, as it is the first time it will sport a metal base.  We think a great many of you will be happy to see the VW Drag Beetle and Fastback as well.  And finally we have another version of the fantastic ’70 Mustang Boss 302, which we have only seen in the premium Racing lines:
So like Hot Ones, Vintage Racing, and Flying Customs, Mattel has saved some of the most desirable models of the Cool Classics line for the end.  And while later batches appear to moving off the shelves a little faster of late, we still wonder if the line will make it to the end.  It would be a real shame if the fantastic models of Batch L don’t see the light of day.  
So go to your store and buy those models you want.  We did, starting with the Honda CR-X pictured at the top of this post.  Let’s make sure Mattel gives this series a full life…

6 Replies to “Lamley News: The remaining models of 2014 Hot Wheels Cool Classics have been unveiled, and some great models are coming…”

  1. Yesss! So if the list is absolutely true, the Datsun 510 Bluebird is there, but if it were the WAGON version, I would surely count on looking for that.

    I can see that the '70 Mustang Boss 302 is also in the Cool Classics list. K case, eh? That's not gonna be long. I hope it does hit the pegs early in my stores.

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! THE SUBARU BRAT!!! Rats! I hate the Subaru Brat. I'm not even a fan of it. Oh, why does this have to make a mess of things?! I've got my eyes on not that rat.

    Yeah!!! One of my favorite castings! I have nothing else to say about it! Why? I'm just kidding! The Super Snake isn't actually. I just like it. Because if I see it with a great deco on it, I'll say it's one of my favorites then.

    I can say, the Honda S2000 is a multipack exclusive (or not), and it's in the Cool Classics. But cool.

    Lastly, what I'm also intrested is the Ford GT. Like this, it's a relationship along with the Super Snake. For me, it does feel.

    It was like an ambassador report, but I kinda slipped of track. So that's guys. Adios!

  2. Great news! Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to the colors chosen for the 65 Volkswagen & 55 Corvette, I wonder if they'd do a spectraflame white for the Vette?

    The 2 Datsun's & the Brat sound awesome as well!

  3. As I have probably mentioned before, that CR-X casting just does absolutely nothing for me. But hey, if anybody else likes it, it's all good in the hood.

    The Brat is a car that I really don't get as exited for like some people do, but it is a cool little model. As a kid though, I used to have a fascination with the 1:1 Brats. That is, whenever you actually saw one.

    What I am looking forward to, is those Datsuns, S2000, 302, Ford GT, and the '55 Corvette. The metal base on an S2K will be pretty interesting. One question though: which Ford GT is it gonna be? The GT40, or the GT LM? or even, the GTX-1? If it's either one of the first two, I'll be happy. The back wheels of the GTX-1 are just way too big.

  4. I'll gobble up all of the J-tin, Astro Funk, and the Galaxie assuming they make it to the pegs of the Pacific North West.

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