First Look: Hot Wheels Zamac ’13 Camaro Special Edition, Chevy Silverado, and the two molds of the Toyota AE86…

We are out our local Walmart’s mercy when it comes to the Zamacs.  Sometimes they arrive in droves, sometimes they don’t arrive at all.  The last batch of 2013, with the Aventador J, never made it to our area.

The latest batch has taken its sweet time to arrive around here, but I finally encountered it in a dump bin in a small rural town while traveling.  So, after they have technically been out for a couple of weeks, we finally have the Zamac Camaro, Silverado, and AE86 Corolla to show.

And we will start with the Toyota AE86, for a specific reason.  A few months ago, a HWC member discovered some slight changes between two of the Corollas he had picked up.  The general details were the same, but one casting appeared to be a little more crisp than the other.  We figured the Zamac version with its exposed metal, was the best way to check it out.  And sure enough, among the few I saw in the bin, were two different molds:

We are assuming the mold on top is older, on the bottom is new.

A better look.



So how we determining the old and new molds?  Just based on the crispness of the details.  Look above at the front side markers and gas cap.  And if you need more details, here are some comparison pics.  The differences become clear, but yes, you have to look closely:

So considering there is an updated mold, we will keep the new version.  And it looks good as a Zamac.  It will look even better sitting next to the Scion FR-S that will match it in a couple of months.

Moving on, there is less to say about the two Chevys, the ’13 Camaro Special Edition and Silverado.  Hot Wheels has selected some great models for the 2014 Walmart Zamac line, and these two are no exception.  We have undoubtedly had a few too many 5G Camaros as Zamacs in the last two years, but of the four (yes four!), I like this one the best:

The six 2014 Walmart Zamacs so far:

4 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Zamac ’13 Camaro Special Edition, Chevy Silverado, and the two molds of the Toyota AE86…”

  1. Two Camaros in one segment? Is Chevy paying loads of money to Hot Wheels or what??? Anyway, good to know that the Hachiroku is updated! Does look sharper and crispier than before. Good job HW! Speaking of the other two, not really interested in the truck, but the Camaro looks great! Silver and red work together nicely. Thank you for the heads up!

    – Black Wind

  2. I see. Now Chevy is done with ZAMAC now. I have to say it. I don't know why there are two ZAMAC Camaros and a Silverado. It's just know it's a TOTAL complete disaster. Chevy shouls stop the work with ZAMAC. How about the Toyota 2000GT, Porsche 911 GT3, Honda Civic EF, some more intresting stuff like that? I wonder why that isn't happening. I'm just really looking forward to more better stuff.

  3. What country marks are on the bases of the Toyotas? It could just be that one factory has a mold that hasn't been used as much.

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