Surprise!! Hot Wheels 2014 Batch H is now out at Wheel Collectors…

Just got word from our friend Matt over at Wheel Collectors that Hot Wheels 2014 Batch H has just arrived.  There appear to be some great models in this batch, including a new Star Trek model, a tremendous-looking Morris Mini, and that little curiosity out of Mexico, the Mastretta MXR (we are looking forward to our First Look on that one).

The whole batch is listed here:

Hot Wheels 2014 Batch H

What models will you be after?

11 Replies to “Surprise!! Hot Wheels 2014 Batch H is now out at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. I will be waiting for a grey stingray!! My likeness for mbx is shifting to hotwheels as hw have now started making plenty of realistic cars!!

  2. That id exactly what Mattel wants everyone to do. Their killing MB it disgusts me. MB was the most respected die cast maker long before Mattel. I'm a long time collector of both brands and I'll tell this was Mattel's plan from the minute they bought the MB brand. The day MB goes away is the moment I put all my stuff on ebay. I'm sure it will pay for collage for both my boys. Not what I want to do but Mattel is dumb to kill MB. There are so many options they have with the line but continue to produce trash for the most part. Their continued effort to ruin a ledgend is ridiculous. They put out a few decent models to keep us buying and then the trash comes again. And that so called ambassador is a joke. I enjoy the reports but his attitude is the sameas the company that employs him.

  3. I couldnt agree more sir! I am about to join a college this year and I have been collecting mbx since a kid! such beautiful cars. no over customization. realistic body shape and paint and all.
    I am a huge fan of corvette and have a lot of corvette ZR1s! in 2012 they release a red one with WHITE wheels??? and since then, the ratio of good cars to bad ones is decreasing!!!!!
    Very sad at this!! you find one good car among 10 trashes!! 🙁

    And I feel that the earlier ambassador ( the founder of this page) was the real ambassador who cared and felt us collectors. I am damn sure that this ambassador is not that big an enthusiast ! sad!

  4. The Hakosuka Skyline isn't in this batch. Unfortunately, it'll probably be in the next few batches and'll bet ya collect it soon.

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