Just Unveiled: New color for the Hot Wheels Gran Torino Sport, and a Zamac Chevelle SS Wagon…

Just wanted to share a couple of images that appeared late last week that got us here at Lamley excited.

There are certain models that we are always happy to see in the mainline, and the two we are previewing today are high on that list, in fact both are in our top 5 American car castings done by Hot Wheels.

Both have already been released in the 2014 mainline, both with licensed logos on the doors, and now both are getting recolors.

Starting with the Gran Torino Sport in white:

The Milodon logo remains, and it looks sharp in white.  Interesting that last year’s K&N version came in blue and was recolored white.  Same this year.

Now while the Gran Torino Sport is our favorite of the two castings, the latest version of the Hurst Chevelle Wagon takes the cake.  We have already seen this on our favorite Brazilian website, but we wanted to share.  This model was a GREAT choice for a Walmart exclusive Zamac:

Zamacs look best when the design is simple, that is why we were such fans of the 240Z, Ferrari F12, and Lamborghini Aventador J last year.  This model may be the best Zamac so far in the two years Hot Wheels has been doing them via Walmart.  But we will reserve judgement until we have it in hand.

4 Replies to “Just Unveiled: New color for the Hot Wheels Gran Torino Sport, and a Zamac Chevelle SS Wagon…”

  1. The Ford Torino looks good with a bunch of silver color scheme.

    The ZAMAC Chevelle wagon has a real look. I like those muscle-classic MC5's (chorme lipped MC5's) on that Hurst beauty.

  2. It's me, or the Torino has a base rivet error in the back? Nice models, I wish they make some color that woul look nice with black or gray bumpers, so, the interior wouldn't be chrome… :\

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