Anyone finding the Hot Wheels Tomb Up?

Normally this is not a model that would get the feature treatment here on Lamley.

But here we are, and not because of what the model is.  Rather, we are here because of where the model isn’t.  G cases are hitting, and all the models slated are there, except for the fish-mummy hybrid Tomb Up.

Of course we are only speaking from what we see, and G cases around here have none.  Dealers got them, but appears stores haven’t, unless someone can tell us otherwise.

So what happened?  Maybe it is just a delay, and later cases will have them.  Case closed.  But we wonder if that little blue metal piece you can see on the top has something to do with the delay:

We have no idea what the blue metal piece is supposed to represent, but we can tell you that part on the end is SHARP.  Cut-your-finger sharp.  Cut-kids-finger-and-make-mom-very-mad sharp.  We took the one we got from Wheel Collectors out of the blister, and that is easily the first think we noticed (besides its mummy/fish face).

So is that the reason for the delay?  It could very well be.  And if it is not, it might need to be.  Considering this is clearly a kid-aimed model, a problem could most certainly arise.  I guess we wait and see if a model modification is in the works before it gets a mass release.

(And for those of you into possible pre-modification versions of a casting, ebay has a few from dealers.)

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  1. As above said, I believe it was indeed derived from the Mid Mill design, but the bases are not interchangeable from what I can tell. It was originally done as a Color Changer model.

    Anyway, I have seen it around here. Not many, but they are there. I'll have to get a couple to see if the bases are interchangeable.


  2. These fantasy racer/cartoony concept cars are clearly aimed at the younger audience, but it really seems that Mattel is missing the mark here. Clever, colorful cars with interesting looks, rather than silly stuff, seems to resonate with the younger demographic. My kids almost always gravitate to the cool looking, sleek futuristic cars than they to do to the silly shaped/ themed cars.

    Matel, just make a series of cars based on Motor City. Please.

  3. I recently saw one here in Monterrey, Mexico, but I cant remember seeing the blue piece at the top…
    There was only one piece.

  4. Just at wal-mart they may have had it the fiat was there but I wouldnt have picked that up anyway.

    I have two boys and their now in their teens but remembering back my boys always gravitated towards the high end car the lambos the sports cars. I have more than a few bugatti's thanks to them cause the car never attracted me. Mattel seems to think small kids have no intrest in real life cars. My kids always loved cars and still collect the lambos and alike. As my boys began playing video games they fell in love with the driving games and car movies like fast and the furious. Kids aren't blind to the real world give them more credit. You want to lure them in give them models that will interest them…

  5. I understand that some folks at HW's (Mattel) periodically check this blog out for supposed feedback.. maybe?
    I agree with the above concerning kids liking real world vehicles. My son and I play driving/racing games and he also loves HW's/MBX cars. For his age he can identify particular models by designation, because of the games today are so detailed and life-like and he tends to favor real cars over fantasy cars. For an 8 yr old, he'll try to correct me if I mispronounce an exact model McLaren supercar.. for example, the MP4-12C.
    Being a fairly new collector I prefer actual models myself. I may have very, very small percentage of my collection devoted to fictional vehicles(that might include TV/movie cars) but I go after vehicles that were actually produced.
    Maybe HW's could create a new line of actual cars based on video racing games like Need for Speed and the like, then we can see if they fly off the shelves like the peg warming Atari line!

  6. I never saw it at my local Wal-Mart yet, but that thing is actually bothering me. I just can't stop agreeing with some people that hate this. It's just worst than the Altred Ego for the 2014 G case.

    But to tell me also, it is made-up my Hot Wheels, otherwise called a fantasy car, most of every Hot Wheels collector (also me) are not a fan of fantasies.

    But the only fantasy car I'm a fan of is the Hypertruck. It may not be mostly a fan by most but does seem quite cool to me.

    Speaking of that, I'm really not looking forward to a worse idea from Hot Wheels, because if Hot Wheels would ever make a gulf livery treasure hunt (like the Fast Fish from last year's M,N or P case, I think? Never mind. Idon't know what case in came into, but anyway, I wasn't a fan of the Fast Fish though), I would probably make my mind send a message by accident. But you can get the idea more sensitive.

  7. I found a few last night and a few tonight, I looked at the one I opened and the blue air scoop didn't feel sharp to me. I actually like this, I love the Mid Mill and since you can't buy them in the store anymore. I think this has great potential for us customizers. I feel that if Hot Wheels didn't come out with fantasy models the line up would pretty boring, we keep seeing the same models over and over again in just different paint or tampos.

  8. Saw two in a brand new bin at one of the nearby Wallys. Had never seen it before so I thought it was new for 2014 even though it isn't marked like that on the card. The date on the bottom is 2009 and does say Tomb Up. The blue piece on top is certainly “pointy”, but the one on the model I have isn't sharp. Definitely one of the most bizarre HW models ever. -Profzed

  9. I don't think it's the so much about just the fantasy cars themselves, as it is the way that they are designed. Granted, Hot Wheels have always designed some cars to have that “far out” styling, but nowadays it has not been as tastefully done. I think that is what most collectors are saying. I don't think they are speaking out against fantasy cars in general. On the contrary, there are some that I like. But in recent years they have just been a bit too goofy looking, but then again that is a matter of individual taste.

  10. Exactly as I'm not a fan of this or most over the top models there are a couple that Mattel has designed like the RRRoadster and especially the Ryaura LX for 2014. I'm ok with the TV stuff but even the Jetsons and Homer wasnt crazy about. The Homer in my opinion was the better of the two. Listen when I brought up my kids above I do realize everyone is different. I just feel not so much with HW but MB some of the designs are hurting the brand. Their competing both brands so why not use MB to maybe experiment with what the collector both adult and kids might buy and use the other line for for experimental versions. I dont know I would rather not see either brand having models sitting. I have noticed MB space has dwindled in most stores and HW although they have more space they have large numbers of models that sit until packaging is just destroyed. I love both brands and others since I was a kid myself. Many of which are gone now. I'd just to hate to see either brand go away like so many others have. Example JL used to do very nice models but over did them and it hurt them to the point it failed. Same models different colors it's basically recycled product. I'd like to see them keep it fresh.

  11. I got one here in Monterrey too, has the blue part on top. Just one, though, so I couldn't compare to others.

    I bought the one I found, but won't be opening until I know what to expect on the safety issues

  12. My 3 year old picked this particular car out at the local toy store last night. I was impressed and had to google around. For a year now, he's picked out some phenomenal pieces unassisted… from mod vintage, to bold color racers, to this design-heavy car. Like it or not, I'm always intrigued by what wins the heart/eye of a 3 year old.

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