As is the Custom, Part 1: Our faves for the week ending March 8, 2014…

Here is Part 1.  Part 2 coming later…


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Dennis Leung


Asky Hook

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(the inspiration)



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Richard Lawson

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Joey’s Custom Cars

6 Replies to “As is the Custom, Part 1: Our faves for the week ending March 8, 2014…”

  1. Impressing! This should be the time I share my thoughts with these customizing talents on the blog.

    Boy, here we go with the great Dennis Leung. Those three Lambo Sestos look heroic looking, but what hurts me is that his amazing, brilliant, stunning, 500c (500 convertible) gives me some pain. Maybe a lot. But you get the idea.

    How about some more intresting stuff? Aha, some records here. If Mavanerick gets suprised that I mentioned about his Jeep Cherokee he owns and his customization, I think that experiment worked. The Jeep custom model was a model version of the one he has owned, so if I'm wrong, I really hope he replies back.
    But that was cool to know.

    Intresting customs and stuff, to my index… ah yes, @mrsenctvt – Instagram's gulf livery Civic EF, grey Civic EF with a mouth tampo, but does look like a real smooth tuner import to me. Also that Impreza which looks like the Fast and Furious version. Good for you!

    Lastly, Joey's Custom Cars' Hummer Humvee. Almost a military tool cousin for the Maraunder truck which was featured in a review in TopGear.

    So that is all so there wasn't a lot for part 1 though, but again. Some more should aproove.

  2. I'm glad you like the Jeep. The original actually belongs to my brother. The project got harder as I worked on it, because he kept making upgrades on the original before I could finish the model.

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