First Look: Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler…

So will Hot Wheels wait one or two years to make this a Super TH?

I say one.  C’mon, there might be a lot of plastic on this model, but this is for the collectors who wanted a $1 version of the Blown Delivery, and here it is.

There are not many things to say about this one.  At least for me.  I am sure a lot of you will have something to say.  I know nothing about this style of vehicle, but it is pretty cool.  The bed moves.  And it looks really good.

We don’t get too caught up in the “too-much-plastic” argument here, so count us fans of this one.  It should prove popular.

(And you can get it on ebay right now…)

Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler (2014 New Models):

3 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Fast-Bed Hauler…”

  1. Yea this is a really well done model. My only wish would have been that it was a little longer. No one makes a flatbed that will fit every model on the back. I have tons of cars and trucks and customs that would look great on a fleet of these. Some models will fit though but I just wish they would think it out.

    Swifty's Phillywheels….

  2. Its a nice little truck and I'll definitely get them, but the bed barely holds a Lambo. lol I like it tho it will make for cool creations we'll get to see here. A nice rusty one would be cool to see……

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