Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Datsun 620 Pickup in red…

The fun keeps coming.  Yesterday we showcased images of the first recolor of the Honda Civic EF, and it continues today with the second recolor of the Datsun 620 Pickup.

Just as the first recolor of the 620 in blue is hitting, we have our first images of the second recolor, thanks to our friends at Volta Garage, as well as others.  And not only that, but instead of the 5-spokes we have seen on the first two versions, this one sports gold-lipped MC5’s.

It might have a sporty new look, but it happily still sports the Japanese Nostalgic Car inkan, which means we should see a thorough showcase from them very soon.

While we could easily say the teal Civic takes the cake over the red, this one is a little harder.  Once we have all three side-by-side we may be able to come up with a favorite.  Or maybe not.  We are cuckoo for the casting, still our favorite new model of 2014.

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  1. I REALLY KNEW IT!!! How? Yesterday when you just unveiled the teal Civic, I noticed the red Datsun truck in the backround garage. I really knew there'd be a red color Datsun with orange lipped MC5 wheels. I knew it would be in this design. And so now, there's three colors for 2014 now, which is 1. Orange, 2. Blue, and 3. Red.

    O.B.R (Orange-Blue-Red)

    That's what I mean.

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