First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment GMC Motorhome…

Great to see a reference to Stripes in the Hot Wheels lineup, and also great to see this old casting looking so snazzy.

Take away the movie reference, and you still have a great-looking retro Motorhome.  We like it a lot, and wonder if we will see this model again in the Retro line as Ron Burgundy’s San Dee-aw-go to The Big Apple transporter…

(Find the Motorhome and the rest of Retro 2014 Batch B on ebay…)

Hot Wheels GMC Motorhome (2014 Retro Entertainment):

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  1. Another one to go. 3 “First Looks”, three 2014 Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment B case cars you've shown so far. Then tomorrow I guess you'll be doing a “First Look” on the NFS (Need For Speed) 69' Pontiac GTO, and the… I forgot the last thing hahaha.

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