First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Custom ’77 Dodge Van…

Our foray into the latest batch of Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment continues, now with Hot Wheels’ Custom Van representing the ’79 Dodge Tradesman used in the movie “Old School”.  The casting is not one we care too much about (if it were an A100, we would), so let’s look at the movie car it represents.

I don’t remember too much about the movie, besides a naked Will Farrell running down a street.  So let’s thank Mattel for doing this Hot Wheels van instead of a naked Will Farrell Barbie.  We all win.

This may not be the best representation of the van used in the movie, but at least it makes for a very cool casting…

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Hot Wheels Custom ’77 Dodge Van (2014 Retro Entertainment):

3 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Custom ’77 Dodge Van…”

  1. This is one I don't totally understand why they did it. But it is a neat release by itself, even if the tear drop windows are just tampos.


  2. This thing is from the movie “Old School”.. I like this in black.

    For the really thing I wanted to say was the wheels. The wheels fit like the Dodge van is a STH.

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