Lamley News: Hot Wheels RLC Membership details, including the Drag Dairy, announced. Who is joining?

One of the most common questions we get here at Lamley is in regards to the RLC cars, and how to get them.

And when Hot Wheels releases a BRE Datsun 510 as nice as the RLC model just out, the questions really ramp up.  The fact is there is no guaranteed way to get these cars, but the best way is to be an RLC member.  And the limited 2014 memberships are being made available in a week, on January 28th.

There are a lot of reasons to be an RLC member, pointed out here, but the main reason most join is to have first access to the limited RLC releases.  Mattel always makes these releases available to RLC members for the first 24 hours, and then to the general public thereafter.  Sometimes models are so popular that they sell out in minutes.  Other times there are plenty for the public.  Just know that if the words Drag, Bus, Dairy, Blown, or Delivery are involved, it will sell out in minutes.

To be honest, most RLC releases are really not our cup of tea, but models like the BRE and last year’s Gran Torino make being an RLC member completely worth it.  I just finished my first year as an RLC member, and my experience was enough to convince me to do it again.

One big gripe, though.  We know many of our Lamley friends come from overseas, and the RLC is not offered to those outside of the US.  Mattel has said that they are working on the logistics of making the RLC worldwide, but that hasn’t happened yet.  We at Lamley will always make it known that the RLC should be worldwide, as the collecting community is worldwide.  In fact, the excitement we see in other countries many time eclipses what we see here.

In the meantime, we hope many of you join.  Not only to enjoy what is coming yourselves, but to possibly be a means to get some of these models to our collector friends elsewhere.

Here is what we know about the RLC in 2014 so far:

  • The membership car will be the Drag Dairy, coming in four colors.  The color you get depends on when you sign up (current RLC members have first dibs, and that means the chrome model will most likely sell out then).

  • The subscription plan is once again being offered for 2014.  This guarantees at least one of the following models:
    • Neo-Classics ’58 Plymouth Belvedere
    • Neo-Classics ’64 Dodge 330
    • Neo-Classics ’64 GMC Panel
    • Neo-Classics Olds 442 Staff Car
    • Real Riders ’83 Chevy Silverado 4×4
    • Real Riders Breakaway Bucket
    • Real Riders Thunder Roller
    • Real Riders TBD
  • There will be several other models not available in the Sub plan.  For example, in 2013, the BRE 510 was a separate release.  We don’t know what those models for 2014 will be, but we anticipate some gems.

All the details are here.

So, who is in?

6 Replies to “Lamley News: Hot Wheels RLC Membership details, including the Drag Dairy, announced. Who is joining?”

  1. Zero interest in the Drag Dairy; for $1 or $40. It's lack of realistic or pleasing dimensions (even in hot rod form) create no appeal for me.

    When they come out with the Porsche 914-6 in RLC form, or the Datsun 510 Wagon give me a call. The Datsun 510 Wagon in RLC would probably sell out all memberships in each 4 categories in short order.

  2. What people need to realize is that the RLC membership isn't JUST for the membership vehicle. It's for first dibs on sales, access to RLC-only content (usually prototype sneaks and exclusive articles), participation in sElections where collectors vote on what car to make, what color it should be and what wheels it will receive, access to the RLC party at the spring Hot Wheels Nationals and fall Hot Wheels Convention, access to the RLC-only forum on HWC which gets some interesting topics, ability to order “rewards” cars at no cost, and other things. The membership vehicle and patch are “freebies” for legal reasons, but I'm sure part of the cost is to cover those items. Plus being the Drag Dairy, customizers will be looking to eat these up on the secondary market from those that don't care for it. Obviously the lack of access for overseas collectors is a major downside. Some are able to get around that if they have trustworthy state-side collector friends to help them out with a US address.

    I'm in for the normal RLC membership (can't afford to get all 4). Hoping I get the red one.

    I'm definitely in for the sub plan, no way I'm going to miss any of these 8 cars (missed the NEO Blown Delivery last year, wasn't too happy). It was mentioned by one of the designers that the 2014 HWC series line up will really show who are collectors and who were just in it for the “eBay queens” for a quick profit turnaround. The Thunder Roller, GMC panel and '83 Silverado are sure to be big hits and practically guaranteed sell outs. Others will be interesting to see how they perform, especially the Dodge 330 which lost to the '69 Mustang in sElections last year (there was actually a big debate about that in the RLC forum, haha), and it will FINALLY make a return appearance after only having been used once, back in 2008. The Belvedere should be a beauty, and the Olds 442 is speculated to be done as the final service 442 from the Flying Colors era that hadn't been done in HWC yet, the Maxi Taxi. The Breakaway Bucket is the one true wildcard in this besides the currently unannounced 8th car.

    It's sure to be an interesting year. There have been hints dropped as to what some of the other HWC releases will be outside of the 8 series cars, so it appears there's going to be lots in store for us.


  3. The Drag Dairy is far from my cup of tea, but I will take it just to sign up for the RLC. “Drag” anything does absolutely nothing for me anyway, for that matter.

    On another note, I have a feeling that not a lot will interest me enough to buy anything, but I'm just joining just in case there is something that blows me away, and to be able to get first dibs.

  4. So if I want to join as a first time member, i'm looking at February 11, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. PT, correct? And if i understand correctly, as far as the HWC Series Thirteen Subscription Plan Option, once you opt in you have to purchase all 8 cars and not just one, correct?
    Thanks for any info.

  5. Correct, new/fresh RLC memberships won't be open until February 11. I have a feeling you new guys will only have the purple vehicle available. They go in order, chrome color cars first, then red, then blue, and purple last. Assuming the 2000 Chrome level memberships sell out next week, only 9000 total RLC memberships will be available.

    And again, correct on the Subscription plan, you are signing up to get one of each of the 8 series vehicles. There's typically extra rewards points that go along with it as well. You don't pay for them up front. The system automatically orders the cars for you. Typically you see the email for an order confirmation a day or two before each sale actually starts. Your account then has a pending charge if the cars are on back order that disappears after a few days and you are actually charged when the cars are ready to ship.


  6. I am in for the first time this year, if I can get it before sell out. Also not sure why everyone loves the drag bus, but I guess that may be to some collector's benefit outside the U.S.

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